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§ Adrian Tomine interviewed by Terry Gross.
§ Direct link to Shaenon Garrity’s Compleat Overlooked Manga Festival. BOOKMARK.

§ You gotta pay wholesale now.

§ Sam and Max in Surfin’ the Highway will be out this February in a remastered edition from the great Steve Purcell..

§ Ambush Bug is also coming back, with the old Giffen/Fleming team on board. And who will be made fun of?

Greg Rucka would know I was kidding. Geoff Johns would know I was kidding. I think any of the guys on 52 would understand. But the point is that we shouldn’t make fun of them as individuals. So, for example, we can make fun of something like a Shadowpact story, but we shouldn’t be making fun of Bill Willingham.

§ Area man teaches town about comics:

“Her work is really lively, really fresh, and she has experience drawing manga,” Zakour said.

What’s manga?

“It’s sort of friendly and anything goes,” Zakour said of the Japanese cartoon style. “Like my novel writing. I write bubble gum for the brain.”

§ New comic book store not as important as stopping crime to Bridgeport, CT.

§ Ad for IRON MAN film will be one of the big ads during them Super Bowl.

§ Some 1.3 million of whatever-is-the-currency-in-the-Philippines worth of fake Warner Bros and DC Comics school supplies were seized in a raid in Manila. That sounds like a lot but it was only 6,148 items. Still, piracy is bad!

  1. I always wanted to buy on of those gnarly Pirate Bay shirts with the ship and the cassette skull and cross bones, but it seemed more appropriate if I just copied their graphics from their website and printed my own.

  2. That CT item is kind of funny. Here in AZ when someone wants to demonize our ever growing number of strip malls, they claim “They will just be filled check cashing and comic book stores!”

    Maybe a few burned out buildings will change our tune.

  3. The real motivaton behind shutting down torrent sites isn’t the protection of copyrighted material. It’s the protection of revenue gained from people who buy stuff that is mostly not worth paying for in the first place.

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