§ Vertigo has announced I, ZOMBIE, a new ongoing series by Michael Allred and Chris Roberson:

I, ZOMBIE is the story of Gwendolyn “Gwen” Dylan, zombie girl detective. Think graveyards, ghosts, vampires and werewolves with a twist.

More on this new series will be discussed at San Diego Comic Con 2009.

The book will be out next year. We’ve been penpals with Roberson for many years, so congrats on the deal, dude!
§ Fecal Face interviews Ben Jones of Paper Rad fame:

I grew up in a boring suburb in New England. I remember having tons of zits and no friends. Any lifeforce, or energy I had was focused into drawing, riding freestyle-bmx bikes and/or playing drums. My first band was named “Death From Above.” We played the 8th grade field day. As a kid I think I wanted to be an artist because I thought I could be good at it. Somehow that innocent curiosity has turned into a mega-ego and narcissistic complex. I feel like I was never given the chance to be a normal American; somehow I was more scared or less scared of wanting to be happy, playing sports and having pretty girlfriends. I guess I have weird parents, so maybe there was no hope, I am a crazy artist, and their is no denying it. Please kill me.

Blacklantern-1§ Would we be so wrong to admit we like this Black Lantern Ring? We were happily wearing our Yellow Lantern ring all Saturday. But we’re worried this will be too beefy for our delicate fingers.

§ Tim O’Shea talks to the mot awesome Roger Langridge who will be at SDCCI promoting his MUPPETS book:

Roger Langridge: The Disney Adventures stuff was a bit less on-model; they’d been running some Mickey Mouse cartoons by Glenn McCoy that were drawn in a raggedy, undergroundish sort of style and they were popular enough that they were looking for something similar with the Muppets, so I was encouraged to just go with my own style entirely. The BOOM! material, being more in the nature of a piece of official merchandise, is stylistically somewhere between that and the official models: not entirely my own take, although still recognisably “me.”

§ Ken Grobe at Examiner.com looks atthe Isotope Comics Lounge, and specifically how they have used the internet to survive and thrive:

James first found his voice on the Warren Ellis Forum, a comics-and-culture discussion BBS, on the old Delphi online service. Eventually, James opened up his own Delphi forum, then wrote a popular column for the Comic Book Resources news site. He’d opine about retailing, let creators promote their comics, and plug his store’s events, all in his uniquely enthusiastic style. It garnered him an online audience and made the Isotope a destination shop for people both in and out of town.

“That saved me!” He tells me, shaking his head in disbelief. “Now, 15 to 20 percent of my business comes from people (visiting) from other parts of the world.”

§ The Mayham saga continues, as Image has announced a one-store pre-sale modern record for Tyrese Gibson’s new superhero comic. More on this later.

§ AND, a few round ups and photo parades from the recent Asian American Comic Con:
Jerry Armbulo
Jerry Ma
And co-organizer Keith Chow

From what I hear, a good time was had by all at the Asian American ComiCon. I wouldn’t know since I was running around all day. When I did get a chance to sneak into a panel room, I saw SRO crowds and really interesting panelists having a good time together. Artists’ Alley seemed like it had a good vibe and looked like it had a nice flow of traffic. Not sure what the final tally was at the silent auction, but there were a bunch of knockout pieces donated that fetched some good prices–with all proceeds going back to the Museum.

By all accounts it was a great day for fellowship and comics, so…a big success.


  1. The ring is indeed a bit large. I suggest wrapping it in yarn as the girls used to do in high school. In light of all the various colors of rings in Green Lanternville, I further suggest rainbow colored yarn.