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§ Rodney Perkins has begun looking at the various suits against Stan Lee — and yes there are two SEPARATE suits for a piece of Marvel’s pie based on Stan;s deal with Stan Lee Media.

SLMI’s argument is interesting because as readers of this site may know, these suits are all about contracts and copyrights. SLMI claims that Lee created characters such as Spiderman outside of his scope of employment with Marvel (i.e., not as a work for hire). It is claimed that Lee had an interest as co-creator in these comic book characters at the time of contract formation with SLME, which was subsequently transferred to SLMI. Certainly, if Lee retained an interest in the Marvel comic book characters as claimed (plaintiffs have to prove it), the assignment clause in the employment agreement cited in their complaint could be interpreted as giving them some rights in those characters (plaintiffs have to prove it).

It is also interesting to note that in the related California case of QED LLC v. Nesfield, et. al, which involves a similar fight over SLMI assets, plaintiffs made no claims to Marvel assets. They only claimed an interest in materials explicitly outlined in their asset purchase agreement with Stan Lee; no claim was made to right obtained via the employment agreement.

§ Oni’s Randal Jarrell blogs about how not to break into comics and other matters:

In this series of columns, I hope to educate some readers about the behind-the-scenes aspects of the comics industry. I’d like this to be an informative and educational resource for anybody aspiring to work in comics. Even if you don’t have any desire to work in comics, I would hope what I intend to write will give you an added sense of appreciation for the books you read and all the hard work that goes into nurturing a project from a simple idea all the way to a physical copy of a book you can hold in your hands.

The column delves into every editor’s biggest no-no: the 750-page proposal from an unknown.

§ Marvel is going to press for a FIFTH time on Amazing Spider-Man #583, featuring “a new background along with the same iconic images of Spider-Man and new United States President Barack Obama.” Or whoever it is.

§ The creative team for Del Rey’s adaptation of The Talisman by Peter Straub and Stephen King has been announced: Robin Furth and Tony Shasteen.

§ F&W is canceling Scrye magazine, the only existing magazine about collectible card games. We understand segments of that market have been struggling of late, along with everything else.

§ David Welsh looks at the work of Tatsumi:

I’m frankly amazed with what Tatsumi can do with eight illustrated pages — how much he can communicate about character and circumstance, how much weight he can give to a slice of life. The subjects of his stories are generally the people who do dirty but necessary jobs, if they work at all. They’re the kind of people who are generally ignored or marginalized, though they have their ambitions and desires like everyone else. Well, maybe — hopefully — not exactly like everyone else, as Tatsumi declines to indulge in romanticizing deprivation or drudgery. He’s not writing about the Joads.

§ Clifford Meth and Daniel Best reports on unfortunate health news for artist Dave Simons.

  1. Yep, I edited it for a while earlier in the decade. Some thoughts on it here:

    The collectible gaming market has been bludgeoned in recent years, with Wizkids going away and Konami and Upper Deck warring over Yu-Gi-Oh. I’d have hoped F&W would have simply reduced its frequency — seeing as the company increased its frequency three times since buying the magazine. In the 1990s, it was quarterly (roughly).

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