Sheldon Vella’s SUPERTRON was the January winner and now ten new contestants have entered the swimsuit competition! As usual, the entrants are a fairly obscure bunch except for Kevin Colden, whom we’ve mentioned here many times before. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out all the lovely contestants!

Title: Everyone Laughs at the Crocodile Man
Writer/Artist: Steve Steiner
Summary: Some people view The Crocodile Man as an oddity. Some view him as a menace and a monster. Yet others see him as no different than any other person. He deals with the same problems as any of us. He pays bills, goes to work, and has problems in his love life. Every once in a while though, his reptilian personality overwhelms his civilized side.

Title: Joe Comics
Writer/Artist: Chachi & Gabe Hernandez
Summary: Joe Comics is a satirical celebration of just how ridiculous super heroes and villains can be.

Title: Mountains of Dusk
Writer/Artist: Mani Magalhaes
Summary: Two tribes – the K´Tahi and the Elgyk – enemies, want to both rule the mountains. Who will win?

Title: The Passenger
Writer/Artist: Alexandre Vidal
Summary: Meet Alberto, an ordinary man who, in a drunken night, catches the wrong taxi and stops by an inter-dimensional crossroads. Now he has to find his way back home.

Title: Reno
Writer/Artist: Dan Thompson
Summary: Reno, a big rig trucker, defends a kind, young service station owner and her son who are victimized by a mysterious outlaw.

Title: Road
Writer/Artist: Eddie Sharam
Summary: Felix lives in a futuristic world where there is a road that you can travel down your whole life that will never end or repeat. Felix will attempt to solve the riddle of this Road.

Title: Starfish
Writer/Artist: Miguel Angel Sanchez
Summary: A 13 year old girl and her jet pack are the last hope against a dark energy influencing our world and ripping its way across the cosmos.

Title: Strangle/Switch
Writer/Artist: Kevin Colden
Summary: A chance meeting with a mysterious stranger, the arrival of a ghost from his past and an electric guitar of mysterious origin will put Geoffrey Blake in contact with a power he has never imagined.

Title: Teachers
Writer/Artist: Gabe Ostley
Summary: Only these eccentrics are brave enough to face the ancient evil that lurks on campus and be back in time to grade all of those papers before Friday!

Title: Will Wrestle: For Science
Writer: Jim Dedieu
Artist: Geoff Beaulieu
Colors: Alex Donnard
Summary: Today, just like any other day in the tumultuous life of Will Wrestle and his fellow Wrestlers, is the Future. Which means: Saving Your World.