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New Yorker releases 2011 Cartoons of the Year


Well, now this is nice! The New Yorker is releasing a “Cartoons of the Year” special issue tomorrow, edited by Robert Mankoff, the cartoon guru for the magazine. The issue features more than 250 cartoons by Charles Barsotti, Glen Baxter, Harry Bliss, David Borchart, Pat Byrnes, Roz Chast, Tom Cheney, Frank Cotham, Michael Crawford, Leo Cullum, Joe Dator, Drew Dernavich, Matthew Diffee, Liza Donnelly, J. C. Duffy, Bob Eckstein, Emily Flake, Felipe Galindo, Mort Gerberg, Alex Gregory, Sam Gross, William Haefeli, William Hamilton, Trevor Hoey, Carolita Johnson, John Kane, Zachary Kanin, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Farley Katz, Edward Koren, Robert Leighton, Lee Lorenz, Robert Mankoff, Michael Maslin, Ariel Molvig, P. S. Mueller, Paul Noth, John O’Brien, Jason Patterson, Danny Shanahan, Michael Shaw, David Sipress, Barbara Smaller, Karen Sneider, Mick Stevens, Julia Suits, Ward Sutton, Tom Toro, P. C. Vey, Kim Warp, Christopher Weyant, Gahan Wilson, and Jack Ziegler.

Retailing for $10.99, the issue will be on sale until February 20, 2012.

  1. Awww… is that a complete list? Because our man from the comics industry, Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), has done several New Yorker cartoons, as well. In fact, when I last spoke to him he was working primarily in the spot illustration / cartoonist field. But I know competition for the New Yorker is pretty tough. Just making it on the page is hard. Getting in a “best of” collection must be even harder.

  2. how is one supposed to get
    “new yorker cartoons of the year” -2011-
    when neither the new yorker,nor amazon,
    nor barnes and noble show it for sale on their web sites?
    sincerely, a subscriber to the weekly edition.

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