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New Yorker alert: Ivan Brunetti


The New Yorker has totally been on a cartoonist cover tear lately, with Joost Swarte, Daniel Clowes and now Ivan Brunetti. Who’s next???
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  1. Who’s Next? Probably Joost Swarte, Daniel Clowes or Ivan Brunetti again… or maybe they’ll throw us a curve ball like Chris Ware or Adrian Tomine.

  2. Swarte has interior illos in almost every issue for at least the last few years and Brunnetti is a frequent cover artist.
    I was suprised that you bally-hooed the Swarte Global Warming cover but not the May 10th issue’s Paul Pope full page illo or the March 22nd’s Jaime Hernandez illo.
    I don’t think this is Clowes’ first cover either.
    I think Francios Mouley is still the magazine’s Art Director. During her tenure, she has cultivated her Comix connections. All the D&Q and Kitchen Sink boys are NYer artists now!
    Back when she was giving Spiegelman a lot of covers he did one that depicted Plastic Man at a Dali gallery show. Amongst the crowd in front of the paintings, one fellow is staring at Plastic Man. That fellow looks like Ralph Dibny to me. And that’s a NYer cover! Comics Culture is everywhere! Yippeee!

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