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New Who tomorrow?


So, last night, we see this Twit from everyone’s favorite rumormonger, Rich Johnston, about who will be the new Doctor.

So… will the Next Doctor be named on Saturday?

But, you know, it’s Rich, so, even though he’s better pretty good with his Who rumors, you still have to take it with a grain of salt.

Now, we see a Twit pop-up from Paul Cornell, writer of some of the best “new WHO” episodes (“Father’s Day,” “Human Nature, “Family of Blood) and now writing Marvel’s CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND M-13.

Paul_Cornell is looking forward to the announcement of the new Doctor Who, at 5.35pm on Saturday.

This certainly lends a lot more credence to Rich’s item. And now, the big question is, of course, who will it be? Will it be longtime favorite Paterson Joseph, who has already been in two Who episodes and worked in the past with new showrunner Steven Moffat? Or some long shot that hasn’t even been mentioned? Find out tomorrow.

UPDATE: Well. As we were writing this story, a story on the BBC website popped up. I guess that makes it as official as official can be.

4 PM UPDATE: Today is just full of more Who news. Neil Gaiman denied on his site a story from IO9 that he is writing an Ice Warriors episode for the 2010 season. And there’s a TV commercial running on the BBC (which can be seen on YouTube) for the Eleventh Doctor Announcement Special.

SATURDAY UPDATE: Matt Smith. A 26 year old Doctor.

Posted by Mark Coale

  1. Cornell’s Captain Britain and MI:13 is so so great – if you like The Doctor or just good comics, check it out. Except if he kills off Captain Midlands I will scowl across a whole ocean at him.

    The Wisdom trade paperback by the selfsame Cornell is also fabulous. The Skrulls invading by attempting to switch out The Beatles! Great stuff.

    Ok, I don’t work for him, swear.

  2. PATERSON JOSEPH. (one ‘T’) As viewers of PEEP SHOW (of which I am only a member since Tuesday) he is enough to turn a straight man gay. JOHNSON!

  3. I’m wondering if Chiwetel Eijofor does indeed land the role – will all the liberals in Great Britain be running around in t-shirts saying “YES WHO CAN !” ??

    What impeccable timing this topic:

    Just got back from Best Buy – I picked up the animated version of Doctor Who called The infinite Quest with Tennent and Agyeman providing the voices ( It was only $8.00). Anyone seen it or recommend it?



  4. Eddie Izzard, hmmmmm

    “The Daleks will control the universe”
    “Ah, but do you have flag?”

    Yeah it could work

    (or maybe “cake or extermination”)

  5. Cary,
    I’ve seen (and own) the Infinite Quest episode. It’s a nice little diversion utilizing the flash-style animation the BBC used for the missing Second Doctor episodes of “The Invasion”. The story was cute and Anthony Stewart Head’s voice performance was excellent. I thought Tennant and Agyeman were a little stiff with their voice roles, however. It probably should’ve been an extra on the 3rd Season box set rather than a standalone, but for 8 bucks, it’s worth a look.


  6. In honor of today’s news, I’m going to finally crack open the (relatively new) Sea Devils/Silurians box set and watch an episode tonight.

  7. Forget everything Dee posted while you’re at it.

    Oh, and Chiwetel Eijofor would be much better as the Eleventh Doctor than Paterson Joseph, but I’d still prefer to see Henry Ian Cusick from LOST in the role.

  8. Somebody saw Twilight.

    Somebody saw this photo.


    Somebody said, hey, you know what? Young audiences like metrosexual guys with weird floppy hair.

    I’m sorry. I feel… is there a damn need to “90210” everything these days? Will he have a slash fiction threesome with Chris Pine’s Kirk and Quinto’s Spock? Will the next incarnation of the Tardis look like an Apple store, too? Well, I’m sure we won’t have to fear an Alex Kingston/Matt Smith Dr. Who romance now… or the actress will be replaced by a Kirsten Stewart look-alike.

    Gotta bring in those crossover audiences.

    Of all the potential choices, this looks like the weakest to me. As for acting, I saw both Pullman adaptations he co-starred in, and he didn’t leave a proper memory imprint on me, neither did he in Party Animals.

  9. I don’t know anything about Dr. Who, but is there some reason why the doctor always has to be a dude? Why don’t they ever have a woman doctor with a male assistant?

  10. I don’t know anything about Star Trek, but does it have to be about people on a spaceship traveling from planet to planet, having adventures? Why can’t it be about a tight-knit working-class neighborhood in London’s East End during the Blitz?

  11. Because the new Blake’s 7 has already got that covered.

    And don’t even TRY to read the forum threads about the reimagined Double Deckers. Brinsley_4d just shat a lung.


  12. You know, this is why rumor sites truly suck. I got very excited about the idea of Paterson Joseph being the new Doctor, and while I’m sure this guy will be fine, everything’s tarnished by unfulfilled expectations.

  13. I like the idea that he has 6 months before they start filming to figure out (along with Moffat and others) what kind of Doctor he will be. Better than being thrown to the wolves.

    Now, to start the Gina Bellman for Companion campaign.

  14. I actually kinda love the debate going on. It’s something I missed because I was a latecomer to the Whovian scene (the 7th Doctor was MY Doctor). I’m sure the anticipation on who the new actor would be parallels the attitudes and arguments that occurred in years past. The changeover from Eccleston to Tennant was sudden and (to this humble American, at least) a bit of a surprise. I’m sure when Tom Baker grumbled his last, the fanbase (pre-Internet) screamed bloody murder at some fair-haired Cricket Player taking his place.
    This is what being a fan is about: Conflict and Crow Eating. Let’s hope there’s a little of both before the new Doctor makes his first appearance.
    Also: I doubt the early publicity shot of Matt Smith will reflect what he looks like in his first appearance. No Emo-Who, methinks. I trust an interesting costume is in the works as we speak (type?)
    I agree with Rich Johnston, though:
    In Moffat we trust.

  15. In Moffat, I usually trust, though I still shake my head at Oliver.

    At Johnston and his consistent wrongness, I snort.

  16. “I don’t know anything about Star Trek, but does it have to be about people on a spaceship traveling from planet to planet, having adventures?”

    No, it doesn’t. Ever heard Deep Space 9? If you’re gonna be a smart-ass at least cover your bases. Where’s the eye roll icon when I need one?

  17. Ray –

    I watched Infinite Quest over the weekend. Thought it was fab. Nah, I didn’t think Tennent and Agyeman were stiff at all.

    It was a good 47 minute spot of adventure.

    Hope they make more.



  18. Matt Smith is a really decent actor… for anyone wondering check out “Ruby in the Smoke” of which I felt he was the best actor in the bunch.


    I cannot get behind him as the doctor… beyond the idea of it feeling wierd to have a Doctor who looks like a teenager, I can’t fathom who his companions will be… 12 year old girls? I expect with such a young doctor that the sexual tensions that have become a major part of the New-Who will continue to flourish, especially if any of the companion rumors are correct.

    I trust in Moffat… but I wish we got the old man doctor… ohhhhh, I wonder if they’ll give Matt an older companion in the mold of Evelyn Smythe…that might be cool…

    I’m only thirty, but I get hives when I think of the Twilight generation, and I honestly don’t know how to take this new casting news.

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