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A new still from THE WATCHMEN has been released shwing the older “Minutemen” superteam. Check out Carla Gugino – va-va-voom!


  1. Wait! Wait! I am too stupid to read complete subject lines! :) HAHAHAHA

    I read something on the Watchmen film and its marketing campaign someone else over the weekend…of course I have forgotten where. I need to dig out my copy of the trade and reread the story again.

  2. I personally I think it looks great. Right out of the comic and what real superheroes would look like dressed.

    The babymen are out and already complaining on sites that it looks lame and they look like some kind of rejects from the Adam West Batman show and bitching that it may be too faithful to the original book. Too Faithful?? Where do these losers come from????

    In a time when I’m personally sick of Batman’s over designed shitty body armor and sculpted muscles this comes across great to me….

    Go read the comics for Watchmen if you “don’t get it”…

  3. The more I see from this film, the more excited I get.
    This looks exactly like the old photo of the group that they reference in the comic.
    I don’t know about the “baby men” thing,…but, I couldn’t agree more with the rest of what Scott says.

  4. All I can think is: “What would possess someone to dress up like that and fight crime?”

    It’s funny because for some people, “Watchmen” represents leaving behind the “silly” Golden Age and Silver Age mentality for the new grim and gritty age. This picture in the book always evoked a sense of nostalgia and sadness for me. It’s like those scenes in the Harry Potter books where Harry finds pictures of his and Neville’s parents before they faced Voldemort’s forces.

  5. If Zack Snyder actually pulls this off, I think Alan Moore should have to shave off his Hagrid beard and hair as penance.

    I’m just sayin’.

  6. I’m looking forward to this flick, believe it or not. Do some of the costumes look silly? Yeah, but that’s part of the era’s fun. I don’t know why during eras like the 40’s-70’s, people were able to suspend their belief enough to enjoy flicks like Flash Gordon, Batman, Superman and others, putting on colorful longjohns to go out and fight crime.

    Today, everything has to have a basis in reality (would someone really dress up in a ludicrous outfit like that to prowl the streets), so much so that it takes all the enjoyment out going to the movies to begin with.

    Some movies are supposed to be grounded in reality while others are not. Isn’t that why people go to the movies to begin with, to escape reality.

    This film looks like it will be tackling that issue head on… what if costumed heroes really existed, dressing up in longjohns and all.

    Looks like its going to be great.

  7. The upcoming movie is based on the 1980s comic book by DC called the Watchmen. It was a 12 issue miniseries and critically acclaimed at that time as one of the most original & innovative stories. Set in an alternate earth, the book takes place in the 1980s & is about several retired masked heroes from the fortie and fifties. Someone starts murdering the retired heroes and others try to solve their murders. Meanwhile, it seems the world stands on the brink of nuclear war b/t the US & USSR after Russia invades Afghanistan. I won’t say more but highly recommend you get yourself a copy & read the book which is now available as a bound paperback reprint.

  8. It’s interesting that the costume design here is very faithful to Dave Gibbon’s original Minuteman designs (as seen in the comic), yet the “modern” Watchmen costumes have been changed and/or updated– Rorshack is the only of them who looks as he does in the comic, the others have been made to look more like what we’ve been seeing in superhero costume design.

    The camp quality of this photo is entirely intentional– it looks like something out of the old Republic/RKO serials. I agree with Sphynx– this is supposed to be sophomoric and naive, evoking a sense of lost innocence (“Nostalgia” perfume, remember). Dramatic contrasts.

    I know a number of people who worked on this film and have full faith in thier creative ability–don’t forget, this is coming from the guy who made 300. I think it’s going to blow everyone away.

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