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New Walking Dead Season 2.5 teaser released


Rick and Herschel enjoy a heart-to-heart talk in this brief teaser.

Hm. Another 6 episodes of heart-to-heart talks? Egads. Michonne, do not forsake us!

Actually Robert Kirkman was all “I don’t know if Michonne is showing up in season 2” at the recent Television Critics Association tour. Right. He’s only an unfrozen caveman show creator! He wouldn’t know!

We say: Expect the popular katana wielding bad-ass to show up in the very last shot of season 2.

Meanwhile, Daryl (Norman Reedus) did promise more action for season 2.5 — that’s what we like, Daryl, action!

Here’s the first season 2.5 teaser, in which people stomp around, look anxious, and argue.

  1. Gave up on the show in Season 2. Spiralled downward since the first episode. I’m quite surprised that they’ve managed to make a zombie apocaalypse so incredibly boring. Season 2 was seven hours of talking, with one cool scene in the middle (you know the one).

    I think the show has many of the same problems as the comic but amplified to a higher degree: on-the-nose dialogue, repetitive storylines and, most annoyingly, a tendency for characters to EXPLAIN everything instead of actual character development. And the show is visually pretty dull and samey too, unfortunately.

  2. I love how they expect us to get excited for a midseason premiere. You know what would’ve been real exciting? Getting to watch all the episodes on a regular basis.

  3. Feel the same as you guys. Loved the first season, but the second season has had real problems in pacing, resulting in me being bored at times. I wonder if the supposed budget cuts that AMC put on the show resulted in more talking episodes and less action (Zombie filled) episodes.

    Hopefully the show improves for the remainder of the season and onto next year’s more expanded season.

  4. When I heard about the budget cuts for season 2, I said to myself “uh oh”. If thats the reason for the boring half of Season 2, then that’s a perfect way to kill momentum on a new show.

    I’d rather have 6 great episodes (like they had for Season 1) then 13 mediocre one’s…

  5. I agree with the six episodes versus 13. If you can’t maintain the quality of the first season with 7 more episodes then keep short and we will all love it just the same.

  6. These comments kind of shock me, because I thought the first season of TWD was such a mess and really gave me little drive to keep watching, but season 2 has been stunning.

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