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New Thor and Captain America art from Marvel


A lot of new Captain America and especially Thor movie art floating around today. From Yahoo Movies, two posters that Marvel will be distributing at their booth and panels, one presumes. The posters use concept art for the films and look very nice.

Also, stills from THOR from USA Today and Deadline. Okay, Chris Hemsworth’s arms may have sold us on this movie… as long as they are real and not just another special effect.

  1. Thor pic: Interesting how the silhouette of Thor’s hair resembles one of his traditional (though not pictured here) helmet wings (which is what I thought it was at a small thumbnail size). Still not bananas about the leather pants…but everything else is looking so good, I’m fine with ’em.

    Cap pic: Definitely not the Howlin’ Commandos version of WWII…and what’s this? A pistol-packin’ Cap? Certainly logical…but still a bit jarring when you’re used to the old Kirby Cap taking care of business with only the shield, fists, and boot leather.

    Hemsworth photo: Looks like Chris has been taking his vitamins! No idea what’s going on here….Thor vs. Ant-Man?

  2. I love the Production Concept Art! These painters are doing amazing work! Mood, strong figure stances, interesting backgounds and secondary figures.
    And thanks for the clickable thumbnails.

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