The new, online version of The Comics Journal is in beta testing today, and, in accordance with the evolution of early 21st century media outlets, it looks mostly like a blog. But a blog with Noah Berlatsky on Junko Mizuno, Gavin Lees on Ball Peen Hammer, Marc Sobel considering the Reichian allusions in Gilbert Hernandez’s erotic BIRDLAND, and Anne Ishii on the back formation of the word “Kamibashi.” If that kind of stuff is your cup of tea, you’re going to do a lot of teabagging.

Future additions include assimilating the blogs Guttergeek and The Hooded Utilitarian.

We’re especially heartened to see Anne Ishii’s armor-piercing attack added to the blog roll, and the lineup of future bloggers and columnists is certainly very, very strong. (Eric Milliken is another good catch.)

In short, The Comics Journal just got incredibly more accessible and influential on the platform in which most people get their daily reading. We’ll be back every day.