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New Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, announced — now with video


Variety is reporting that Sony has found its new Peter Parker and it’s British actor Andrew Garfield, previously seen in THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS and upcoming in THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

Garfield will star in a new series of Spider-Man movies focusing on young adult concerns and superheroics, to be directed by Marc Webb.

Although Garfield is a relative unknown, he obviously has a very full head of hair. And based on the pictures of him we found online, he may need to go on a 300 regime to put on a few pounds of muscle before he puts on any kind of skintight suit.

Update: Techland points us to a VIDEO of the Spider-man announcement so you can see Garfield in early webslinging action. Bonus; Avi Arad!

Media is casting Garfield as a “heart-throb” Spidey, and indeed, he does have a little of that Pattinson vibe about him….wonder how he’d look in sparkles?

  1. First Taylor Lautner (Twilight), and now Andrew Garfield. What’s with this alarming new trend of dreamboats with giraffe-like necks?

    Also, just imagine the distorted/deformed Spidey mask that pile of hair would cause (which won’t happen of course…but it’s still fun to picture).

  2. “Parnassus” was a great movie, and he was great in it, but he didn’t really scream Spidey or Peter Parker to me. Must have been an interesting screen test.

  3. I’m totally unfamiliar with his work but he looks like he’d be an OK Peter Parker. I am a little confused though, isn’t this movie supposed to go back to the High School Peter Parker? He looks ok for a college age super hero but way to old for a high school age one.

  4. I think it gives them the chance to switch it from a Mary Jane-centered love interest and bring it closer in line with the current comics (assuming Marvel is sticking to the new status quo, of course).

  5. Shannon – I think you mean Donald Glover. :) Although casting a 63-year-old black man would be a bold choice!

  6. Switching Mary Jane out as romantic interest would be the stupid kind of Joe Q Marvel Comics idea of what they think movie watchers want. Mainstream doesn’t read Amazing Spider Man. Fortunately in the world of marketing, the mainstream Hollywood audience knows who Mary Jane Watson is.

    Sony knows what a stupid mistake it would be to leave her out and keep pace with anything in the Amazing Spider Man book other then Mary Jane Watson is spider babe #1. This is Ultimate Spider Man based from all indications, maybe some Spider Man Loves Mary Jane. Especially in a high school way.

    Now maybe they can work in a younger and actually attractive Gwen Stacy and MJ for a Gwen/Peter/MJW triangle through the villain etc…but that is pushing the mainstream audience’s attention if you ask me.

  7. It’d be nice to have a Spidey film that doesn’t revolve so much around Mary Jane…or whoever the next romantic interest is.

    I think I’ve had my fill of those suspenseful “Will Peter make it to Mary Jane’s play on time?” nailbiters from the second and third Raimi movies.

  8. A Spidey film not revolving around a romantic interest? Not gonna happen. Especially since this is set in high school and frankly, most Spider-Man stories is Dawson’s Creek with superpowers…

  9. I think bringing in a Gwen Stacey for a Pete/MJ/Gwen triangle would be a good angle, especially in the teen drama set. The last film’s Gwen left me scratching my head.

    Thankfully, I don’t remember the last flick that much. Was there a triangle between Pete, MJ and Gwen?

  10. I’m not as concerned with who’s playing Spidey as who the villain is going to be.

    We’ve already had two Goblins, Doc Ock, Sandman, and Venom. No need to go through those again.

    My two cents, start from the beginning with either Chameleon or The Vulture, with Malkovich playing the latter as he would have in the aborted #4.

    Doesn’t matter who’s playing Spidey, all the young guys in Hollywood look like Twilight refugees.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  11. I dunno. Chameleon may not fit well into their goal of doing a high school-centric film (yeah, I know…Peter was in high school when he first met the Chameleon…but that was in 1963). Vulture? Guys with wings don’t translate well to live action (see: Smallville JSA episode).

    I could see Electro (minus the star shaped jagged-bolt mask) or the Lizard translating well to film…but since it’s a reboot, using the Green Goblin or Doc Ock shouldn’t be a big problem. It wasn’t for Christopher Nolan when he re-used the Joker….and I recall that working out pretty well.

  12. Looks like a douche, Donald Glover was more interesting than him. as long as he can act its all good then.

  13. “But since it’s a reboot, using the Green Goblin or Doc Ock shouldn’t be a big problem.”

    It would be tough to find a performance topping Alfred Molina. But Green Goblin…provided they shy away from the all-battle armor outfit and give us something a little closer to the comics, yeah, I could see that.

    Mysterio…that WOULD be cool.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  14. Is anyone even interested in a Spidey reboot? I agree with some bloggers, it is too soon for a reboot. Marvel is trying to make a quick buck….I have a feeling this will stink. Sure Spoder-man 3 was not too great; but they could have done a 4 with a different producer. Still soo many cool bad guys left to see like Kraven, the Lizard, Electro…etc. If at least they had decent actors, this new cast does not inspire me one bit.

  15. Marvel is trying to make a quick buck….I have a feeling this will stink.

    Actually, I’m guessing that Sony is the force behind this rather than Marvel. I imagine Marvel would just as soon let the Sony series peter out so they can reclaim the film rights to Peter Parker, etc. You know Marvel Studios would prefer to have the Spidey franchise in-house.

    I’m sure the revenue generated will be appreciated either way.

  16. If it is a reboot:
    1) Write it like the comics. Write the first three movies together so that there are plot threads throughout the movies. Then continue that with the fourth, fifth… Use the Levitz ABC Paradigm.
    2) Create a love quadrilateral. Peter Parker-Mary Jane on one side, Spider-Man-Black Cat on the other. Who’s the Black Cat? Gwen Stacy, rebelling against her goody-two-shoes valedictorian upbringing.
    3) High school adds an extra layer of Oomph. Bullied kid gains superpowers. Nerdy kid is actually a hottie. Geek gets the girl.
    4) Villain? Behind the scenes: the Tinkerer, who runs a Kingpin-style R&D lab. This lab gives Gwen her powers.
    5) Gwen and MJ both grew up with Peter. Not close due to high school cliques, but friends.
    6) Each movie has a marquee villain.
    7) Tinkerer is a Skrull, collecting intel. (See: Astro City) Or maybe not… save the Skrulls for Marvel Studios’ Avengers? Tinkerer reveal in third movie as alien shapechanging Chameleon. Battle ends in Hudson ala Hobgoblin, all that is found is T’s mask.
    8) Movie #6 features the Sinister Six, which have appeared in the previous movies. Non-stop slobberknocker roller-coaster, only in Imax 3-D!
    9) Who supplies the radioactive spider? Tinkerer? Columbia? Cosmic rays from NASA expirement?
    10) Venom is an alien hunter named Kraven, with symbiote suit. (see: Predator) Work in JMS wasp motif, wings replace need for Vulture.
    11) Lizard is high school science teacher. Venom vs. Lizard? Graft the Jackal/clone meme? Or Jackal in the employ of Tinkerer as genetic engineer? Jackal engineered the spider?
    12) Morgan Freeman as Robbie Robertson! Petey as blogger for Bugle? Jonah is O’Reilly.
    13) Electro is physicist… as powerful as Magneto, but smarter.

  17. I personally am not sure of wat i think of him bein the new spiderman but I did like him in the social network

    he’s also kinda hot and looks like Anthony Perkins

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