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Nintendo Direct reveals the Galar region’s new Pokémon


In a Pokémon Direct on Wednesday, Gamefreak revealed a slate of new pocket monsters for you to capture and coddle. The Direct was a 16 minute live stream that briefly covered some of the main elements of the upcoming Pokémon: Sword and Pokémon: Shield — the latest entries in the franchise. We saw game play, giant Pokémon (seriously) and a look at how gym battles will go down in this region.
Most important, though, are the Pokémon themselves. Before this stream, the only ones revealed were the starters: Grookie, Sobble and Scorbunny. Now James Turner, the games’ art director, has given viewers an in-depth look at five more, along with the two new legendaries.

First is Wooloo, an adorable sheep Pokémon which uses rolling away as a way to avoid conflict. How relatable! Wooloo, like real sheep, are treasured for their ever-growing wool. The people of the Galar region use it to make trendy specialty items like clothing and carpets. Not to worry though — this Normal type can grow back a full coat in less than three months.

Next is Corviknight, a Flying/Steel type. This Pokémon is dubbed the strongest flier in the region, even by other monsters. One side glance from Corviknight sends weaker challengers running. This quality, along with its high intelligence, makes it perfect to serve as a flying taxi for the steel-nerved citizens of the Galar region.

Drednaw, otherwise known as the bite Pokémon, is a Water/Rock type capable of crunching through stone and metal with ease. Its aggression is so fierce that it’s said to scare off the majority of trainers who try to capture it. It’ll take a skilled hand to break through its hard shell and get at that undoubtedly soft heart.

This next Pokémon is absolutely needed in the real world. Gossifleur is a Grass type that’s able to purify the environment and even heal wounds with its pollen. It travels with the wind, using its petals to sail in whatever direction it wants.

Any trainer who levels up their Gossifleur may see it evolve into Eldegoss — the cotton bloom Pokémon. It grows a protective fluff around its head and even sprouts seeds that are nutritious snacks for people and Pokémon alike. As it meanders across the region, it drops these seeds as a sort of fertilizer for the nutrient rich soil of the Galar region.

Finally, Gamefreak revealed the two legendary Pokémon for the series: Zacian and Zamazenta. These two good dogs are so majestic that their attacks totally distract opponents during battle. Zacian (left) swings a blade that can cut through anything while Zamazenta (right) wears a shield-collar that’s able to deflect any attack that comes its way. The jury’s open on whether or not trainers will pet them, though.
Pokémon: Sword and Shield release November 15, available individually or as a double pack. Preorders are available starting today. For a closer look at what the games have to offer, check out the full Direct below.


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