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New KICK-ASS posters


That’s Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy.

..and Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl.

BTW, some people think these attractive, chipper posters are not the proper way to promote a dark-humored, violent, taboo-busting film that has a vulgarity in the title.

I’ve said this with most of the previous character reveal banners (with the exception of Kick-Ass), but I really disappointed in the way Lionsgate is marketing this film thus far. I’ve not only seen the preview footage at comic-con, read part of the comic, but I’ve seen the entire film — it is awesome. The three reasons why people love the movie is because of the politically incorrect humor, the vulgarity, and the intense bloody super-stylized action. The posters for Big Daddy, Red Mist and now Hit-Girl display none of these characteristics. They attempt to appeal to the masses with a colorful bublegum look, yet I’ve even heard from some of my friends in exhibition that the posters aren’t even being put on display at many major movie theaters due to the word Ass in the film’s title and tagline. So what’s the point?

What do YOU think?

  1. I think it’s got a tongue and cheek approach to the whole seriousness/camp of superhero movies past and present. I think it works and they look good. I never got the comic, but I’ll go see the movie.

  2. Yeah, they’re going for the Watchmen look. I think it would be better to come up with their own thing than mimic something that the studio considered a failure though.

    These just look silly and posey. If you have to do character one sheets (which is a necessity these days for some reason) use original art by Romita to really make it stand out.

    Oh, and if you’re going to have a word that offends some (admittedly stupid) people, do a ‘clean’ version. Better to get the word out a little sanitized than not at all.

  3. It’s true. We had to pull them down, so we put them up all over the office and projection booth instead.

    Corporations afraid of a little Ass: News at Eleven.

  4. I wonder if “Inglourious Basterds” was misspelled to avoid this kind of a situation…it’s not too late to retitle it “Kick Azs” or “Kick Arse.”

  5. If Millar concentrated on being more commercial instead of being “shocking”, he would have named his comic “KICK-BUTT” instead of the more offensive “KICK-ASS”. I told you guys several months ago that this movie would be hard to market due to the title. Looks like I was right.

  6. Yeah, I’ve been avoiding the book (Duck! Weave! Evade!), and I kinda thought I’d do the same with the fillum. I mean, it’s not what was advertised, and those costumes, those posters, are pure…


    Pamphlet in a Wifebeater, I can’t stay cynical and elitist in the face of Nicolas Cage’s Batman, man!

    Damn it all!

    Oh, hey, I can laugh up my sleeve at the Britons Of A Certain Age in-joke, though, right? Shirley to god I can do that?


  7. I got the first issue of the book and really didn’t like it. However on the strength of the clips I’ve seen so far and these posters, I will definitely be there opening night.

  8. Tne posters aren’t for us.

    There isn’t a single person on this blog that won’t see the movie. It looks like a blast, and I can’t wait.

    The posters are for people steeped in non-geek culture, who recognize super hero marketing even if they don’t recognize the heroes.

    We should hope it succeeds. Big fun movie with little known heroes. In success, more cool stuff gets brought to the screen.

    In failure: Nipples on the Batsuit.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  9. I’m put in mind of the fact that inattentive people brought little kids to Watchmen. Costumed heroes, you know.

    That first poster will bring in families expecting a (perhaps spoofy) Batman movie. If this is as edgy and rude as described, Mom and Dad will be irate.

    My advice: put a huge gun photographed with a fisheye lens somewhere on the final poster.

  10. Ian: they can’t do a “clean version,” the offending word is in the title. The title of the thing is “Kick-ASS.” It would make no sense to do an infantilized advertising campaign.

    Mark: Yes!

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