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New issue of comics e-magazine INK available


INK is a digital comics magazine put out by the kids at the School of Visual Arts—New York’s all-purpose art school that’s a hotbed of cartooning talent. We told you about the fall issue when it came out, and the new spring edition is now here, with comics and features. Although you can read the entire contents in PDF form, it’s been optimized for the new retina display iPad. It’s also a free download for all iOS devices.

The magazine has placed itself at the forefront of the comics industry by embracing digital publishing and new technologies. The current issue features a selection of work by SVA students and alumni, along with interviews with Christopher Hastings (Dr. McNinja), Drew Friedman (Any Similarity to Persons Living or Dead is Purely Coincidental), and an article focusing on WFMU’s Lowest Common Denominator magazine.

They also made an intro video

…and a preview of the new issue.

There’s definitely some sharp looking work and a fine interview with Friedman here.

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