The Humble Bundle model of “bundling” digital comics for a pay what you want price (while offering a percentage to charity) has had a pretty big impact on both comics readers and publishers over the past year, generating over $4 million in sales for ebook last year. You can see why publishers would be hep to a cut of that. Anyway, there’s a new Humble IDW / Top Shelf Comics Bundle that just went up — the charity beneficiary is Traveling Stories, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “outsmarting poverty one book at a time.”

For graphic noel loevrs, this is a bonanza, with the best of IDW’s non licensed titles added to Top Shelf’s stellar slate. So you get Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s Nemo, March, Darwyn Cooke’s Parker, and books by Jeff Lemire, Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez, Jess Fink, Mark Russell & Shannon Wheeler and Liz Prince. It’s a good deal for some great books.

The Bundle has been up for a week and already netted $125,102.90 on 8,736 purchases.