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New Green Lantern trailer tells the whole story of the movie


Well, now we can’t say we don’t know what this movie is about!

The SFX look decent but why is everyone saying their lines like they just dropped a bottle of Soma?

  1. So Superman doesn’t exist in this movie’s reality, eh?

    Well, Superman is an alien only in the most superficial sense. If an alien isn’t going to be a BEM, creating one, or a race, with different body structure, biology, etc., takes work and the result might still turn people off.


  2. Well, I skipped the trailer above, or the “spoiler” as I call them. But I am sure I will catch it on TV or the next time I go to the theatre.

    Yes, it’s my pet peeve too: movie studios who show us the abbreviated version of the entire movie, spoiling any surprise.

    And TV networks that insist on those “Coming up after the break:” spoilers.

  3. I don’t have speakers on the store’s computers, so I can’t be sure — but the visuals made it appear that the “origin” is more like Kyle’s (He happened to be nearby), rather than Hal’s traditional one of the ring specifically seeking him out because he is without fear?

    If so, may I be the first to say “Foo!”?


  4. I’m pretty sure that in the other trailer Abin Sur said that the ring chose Hal, he wasn’t just given the ring like Kyle so I don’t get that at all.

  5. Well, that’s still underwhelming. So the big bad looks like a giant space fungus now? Guess Galactus as a giant cloud isn’t so bad anymore.

  6. This movie looks great, I hope it lives up to the hype! As for superman being an Alien….as far as I know isn’t public knowledge is it?

  7. TMI- Green Lantern trailer. TMI.

    If you watch closely you can even see Hector Hammond’s final fate in the film. The shots are out of order, but it’s totally there.

    Still really looking forward to any scenes with Mark Strong’s Sinestro tho. I like Mark Strong.

  8. As more movies come out, I realize what a fan of the team books I was as a kid, because I often don’t really know the Rogue’s Gallery of individual characters. I am really embarrassed to admit that I don’t know who the big brain guy is in this. He looks like The Leader, to me, but, yeah… wrong company. Wrong Green-themed-character.

    Love Kilowog, tho. The ‘Wog was always one of the most fun sidecharacters.

    Am I correct in gleaning that Sinestro isn’t going to go bad in this movie? Saving that for the sequel, I guess? That would be cool. Tho I am sure there will be some inevitable hint to his imppending badness. It’s sorta right there in the name, after all.

  9. Don’t the comics support that Hal got the ring because he was nearby? Maybe they’ve retconned it, but that was the point of Guy Gardner. The ring sought out two potential humans – Guy was just as fearless, but Hal was closer.

  10. Actually that was the retcon, Hal’s original origin and the one still used by DC today had nothing to do with where he was or Guy.

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