Via the March solicits, Bluewater’s FAME line is ongoing, and they’ve added a FAITH line, too!

Female Force: Sonia Sotomayor
Author(s): Robert Schnakenberg
Artist(s): Cesar Feliciano
Joshua Labello with Azim
The Supremes have a new member! Meet the latest justice to don the black robes of America’s highest court. Sonia Sotomayor rose from humble beginnings in a Bronx housing project to become only the third woman and the first Latina to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. Relive her historic journey in a comic book biography that’s ripped from today’s headlines.


Political Power: Rush Limbaugh
Author(s): Don Smith
Artist(s): J.B. Fernandes
Cover Artist(s): Jim McDermott
He has been called “the most dangerous man in America” as well as “the leader of a vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” And many politicians, news pundits and commentators have asked, “Is he good for America?” Those questions are discussed, as well as the revealing story of how a simple football fan from Missouri changed not only the faces of the news industry and radio industry, but with the help of 20 million listeners a week, Rush Limbaugh changed the face of modern politics.

Author(s): Don Smith
Artist(s): TBD
Cover Artist(s): Mike S. Miller
Bluewater Productions has pioneered and popularized the “bio-comic” genre with its series “Female Force” and “Political Power.” Now Bluewater will make history again as it tackles the life of, arguably the most famous person in history, Jesus Christ. The book highlights different aspects of the life of Christ to show that Jesus of Nazareth was more than just a great man in history, but proof of a providential force at work in the universe.


  1. Heidi, why do you continue to post updates on Bluewater Comics projects? They are the biggest pieces of turds ever to be printed and only serve to bring down the comics business in general. In fact, I’m convinced they contribute to global warming by needlessly wasting valuable trees and other materials needed to produce them. Surely there is not a day in comics news that is dead enough to cover another Bluewater story!?! Please, for the love of all that is holy — and your journalistic integrity — drop these from your future posts.

  2. Looking forward to the issue on Buddha! It prolly won’t be as good as Osamu Tezuka’s version, but really…

  3. It shocks me that these “so called” hard core comic fans don’t realize that these bio-comics bring new readers into your stores. Lets face it the comic industry is dying and we need new readers!

  4. Derek, your excuse has got to be one of — if not the MOST — asinine responses in support of BluewaterComics… ever. Have you even opened a copy of one of their “comic books”?? If i was a new reader and thought, “BW is the gateway to comic book salvation”, then i should check myself into Bellevue and demand to be locked in isolation in a straightjacket for a very, very long time. In addition, what are they selling, maybe 5000 or 4000 books each? That’s 5000-4000 people that will never ever pick up another comic book again because they just went blind from the insultingly bad work their eyes were punished to look at. Please, if anything, it’s publishers like BW that’s KILLING comics, not saving it.

  5. Derek, I agree.
    Comics should cover all genres and categories.
    Heidi’s year end round up ended on such a positive note about the comics industry, it’s sad to see some in the community take steps back rather than forward. Comics are subjective, there are plenty to read if one particular line doesn’t appeal to you.

    Bluewater does their part so I see nothing wrong with them. And trust me, I am no shill for them.

  6. Hmmm… did anyone mention that their Michael Jackson bio has gone into a THIRD printing?

    How many DC or Marvel comics have been featured on talk shows this past year?

    And, RCheli, guess what? Bluewater is reprinting the Revolutionary Comics rock and roll biographies as graphic novels.

    Yeah, they’re not for everyone. They could be better. But… it’s comics. There’s a ton of stuff I glance at and then ignore. But I come here regularly to get a good overview of what’s happening in comics. There’s stuff here I glance at and then move on.

    There’s no Ludovico Technique going on here. You can always stand up and get some popcorn while “Triumph des Willens” is on screen.

  7. too legit.. I think you need to focus your anger elsewhere, it’s just a comic book. I enjoy biographies and I agree not all of the art is my style but art is subjective. You must be an artist or a writer that hasn’t been published? Am I right?

  8. We have an easier time getting on the VIEW, The Tonight Show, People Magazine. We are driving people into comic stores. We did a signing the last week and half the people did not know that comic stores did not exist. I have been collecting comics since I was 7 and it is sad to see that comics sold 9 million copies and now Marvel is lucky to sell 175,000. So the question should be – should there be comic books anymore? We are doing our part to gain interest for the comic book market – some think these are gimmicks but they are getting people into the stores. We are in it for the long haul…we are hunting for new readers…are you?

  9. “…They could be better. But… it’s comics…”
    “… it’s just a comic book…”

    These complacent attitudes towards comic books are exactly why the industry suffers from lack of growth and mainstream acceptance in American culture. “Ohh, it’s just a comic book so who cares how crappy the artwork or writing is…”

    Everyone that is supporting Bluewater is using the “quantity over quality” argument. And as such, you should be all ashamed of yourselves.

    Let me be clear, I am not arguing that there shouldn’t be diversity in genres. I am questioning the fact that in the past seven days, there have been two separate postings promoting BW projects. Surely there are other news items more deserving of the limited real estate Heidi has on her blog. For her to give so much spotlight on books that are crap quality really makes me question the other books/projects mentioned on the same blog.

  10. You are saying a lot of thing that are untrue. You do not know our business model at all. Just because it is not your taste does not mean it is not quality. The printing is the top in comics to date. People can post on here all they want, because they can hide behind avatars and call things “crap”.

    As for Publisher’s Weekly “real-estate” they are a business and having comics with LADY GAGA and RUSH are going to bring in new readers to the site…. They show up on Google, which means more ad dollars for Publishers Weekly. People can view it here or go to other places. My guess is that Publisher’s Weekly wants to capture all the readers they can.

    I am sure Bluewater is not the reason for the downfall of comics… trust me I am in the store every Weds and see people dropping off because – they just don’t care. We are in libraries, schools and comic book stores. We are getting national coverage for people to go into comic stores and then pick up Spiderman.

    Instead of ranting, do something to help get comics read again. We are….

  11. For a “publisher”, may I recommend allocating funds for an editor before posting public comments. Statements like:

    “We did a signing the last week and half the people did not know that comic stores did not exist.”


    “You are saying a lot of thing that are untrue.”

    really highlight your dedication towards “quality” and “professionalism”. Bravo.

  12. Really – I side with Bluewater. It is a message board and I thought they answered well. I plugged too legit’s postings into spell check and there are typos in his as well. At least Bluewater was being proactive.

  13. Wow. What hideous covers. I’m no Limbaugh fan, but that’s pretty crappy. Not that Sotomayor got that great of a portrait either. I’m almost disappointed not to see the Jesus art yet.

    @ Chis Z: Yeah, I too wonder if BlueWater has the balls to publish a Muhammed comic. Actually, I could see them doing so, they’d just have to never depict the prophet in it. I did pick up an illustrated book on Islam at a local comic store. They had a bunch of informational novellas by none company on a bunch of subjects. The authors of this one were Muslim and out of respect for more conservative followers, and maybe a little out of fear, they did not illustrate the prophet.

    And again, I’m all for biographical comics. It’s just that these BlueWater ones seem cheap and attention whoring. Didn’t this new line spin mostly from the big IDW Obama McCain ones, anyway? One amazing series of biographical ones I enjoyed were issues of Action Philosophers. Sure it’s got a good deal of humor, though that rather makes the mind boggling philisophical concepts easier to digest. I also just picked up the fictional biography manga of Robert Johnson called Me & The Devil Blues.

  14. Derek said:

    “It shocks me that these “so called” hard core comic fans don’t realize that these bio-comics bring new readers into your stores.”

    Yeah, but they never come back. Same thing happened after the Obama Spider-Man comic. Those customers never came back.

  15. Dereck said:

    “I plugged too legit’s postings into spell check and there are typos in his as well.”

    Yes, that may be true, but Bluewater purports to be a professional company. Their spelling and grammar are expected to be better than most. But that’s not so. Probably why their product is so weak.

    And btw, is it Derek or Dereck?

  16. Make mine Jack Chick.

    I wholeheartedly appreciate what they’re doing, just not what they’re showing. A pat on the back, but not applause, if you will. You go with what you got, I guess. Then again, there are plenty of other comics with disappointing artwork and writing, including the big guys. I am hoping they put Jesus in a broke-back pose, however.

  17. Hello kids, it’s very easy to do an IP search and very easy to see who are the sock puppets here, Matt, Dereck and Derek and Bluewater.

    I meant what I said above — had no idea this would create such a kerfuffle. Ive also gotten private correspondence from publishers who think I show some preferrential treatment to Bluewater. I will be back to ponder some of these matters later, but for now I am closing this thread!

  18. That Rush Limbaugh cover is damn horrible. Some of the worst art I’ve ever seen! I hope it a prelim and not the final cause it’s an injustice to Rush and I can’t stand Limbaugh.

  19. I must Comment on the “Vincent Price Presents” These covers by McDermott are some of the best cover art done in some time! and the Rush Limbaugh cover is in the same ballpark. More!