Eddie Campbell Lovely Horrible Stuff

Now available for pre-order, a new book by Eddie Campbell. This time his subject is finances.

Eddie Campbell’s THE LOVELY HORRIBLE STUFF is a delightful autobiographical voyage into the financial wilderness, ranging from the imaginary wealth of Ponzi schemes to the all-too-tangible stone currency of the Micronesian island of Yap.

This is no dry and dusty treatise on finance; any complexities are pleasingly reduced to the level of bubblegum trading cards. In here you will hear about the corporation that Campbell keeps under his bed; you will meet colorful historical characters and be taken on dangerous shark-infested sea adventures; and after that, we will all plunge to the depths to retrieve our loose change.

If you’ve ever seen Campbell’s inquiries into other matters—humor or romance comics—you know this will be one fascinating journey. A preview is available here.


  1. Anything that teaches folks anything about $$$ (or even gives them actual real ideas about money) can only help all those people who go around thinking they know something about money, before they listen to the next lying quant who spews great information like… “Don’t you know- housing prices only go up?”

    Otherwise: anything Eddie Campbell gives me another reason to live