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New day, new company: Framelight


Well, well, what have we here? Is it a new production shingle that thinks there’s money to be made in movies based on comics? It is, indeed! This time, it’s a joint called Framelight , headed by producer Jeffrey Erb and entrepreneur Robert Robinson Jr. They hope to make 6-8 movies a year, “focusing on strong stories with powerful characters.” Their focus will need to be very clear, because the budgets will be within the sensible $20 million-$80 million range. Properties optioned so far include “Dr. Deth With Kip and Muffy” from “G.I. Joe” author Larry Hama. And:

Other projects on the slate include Gary Reed’s Caliber Press and Image Comics zombie series “DEADWORLD,” the supernatural thriller “Sins of the Fallen,” and the classic tale “1001 Arabian Nights” from Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco’s Zenescope Entertainment. Framelight intends to add video game and toy properties to its list of future film adaptations.

“We don’t want to traditionally option a title; we want to partner with the creator on every aspect of the production,” said Robinson, founder of communications companies Xportical, B2BCast and Supply Marketing.

  1. It sounds like they are trying to do something genuine, with some healthy business practices that hopefully become the norm. Let’s keep our finger’s crossed!

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