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Aside from his NY Times serial, Mister Wonderful, Daniel Clowes hasn’t had a book come out since 2005’s ICE HAVEN, so word in The New Yorker of his latest project should be greeted by the slaying of calves and giant bonfires:

“I don’t even have a title for it yet,” he told me, but hinted that the plot concerned “a guy whose father dies, and he’s completely alone, so he tries to reconstruct what he’s lost, to approximate a nuclear family by joining people together.” Each page of the book is an individual scene, a joke on the format of a Sunday cartoon strip, but cumulatively the scenes create a larger narrative that turns from comic to tragic.

The piece has a slideshow of sketches from the project, one of which is shown below. Clowes also has the cover of this week’s New Yorker, shown above.
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  1. Heidi, he hasn’t had a “new” book, technically, since Ice Haven, but the Ghost World Special Edition came out just last summer and included a ton of never-before-seen stuff.

  2. Eric, I was hoping you would come along and correct my late night scribblings, and now you have obliged!

    The GWSE is a gorgeous book that sits proudly on my shelf.

  3. New Clowes is always a good thing!

    But I’m still waiting for that Needledick/Sensual Santa/Ectomorph teamup graphic novel, once he gets tired of doing all this bemused-observations-of modern existence thang…

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