A new self-publisher showed up at C2E2: Campaign Comics and creator Shia LaBeouf. He’s keeping it low key in artist alley. “We’re just here to have fun,” he said while signing his OGN.

Everyone wants to be in comics.



  1. Anybody remember the brutal, hilarious GREASER COMICS #1 (circa 1970 or so)? My favorite (non-Crumb) underground comic ever – written and drawn by Leonardo DiCaprio’s dad (or so they say).

  2. Anyone have a link to dude’s book or art? Or at least a name of his book(s) so I can look for them? As much as he was in Crystal Skulls I’m still interested to see what he’s doing.

  3. Every comment so far is supportive and positive, totally unlike the barrage of negative shit I expected!

    Faith in humanity hereby restored!

  4. I can’t help but remember the otherwise useless, sounds-Aprocryphal-but-it’s-allegedly-not factoid that a pre-Transformers Megan Fox tried to break into comics, going so far as to show her samples to Top Cow at Comic-Con one year. She and that Shia guy should collaborate on something. Maybe a biography of Michael Bay? A Transformers comic for IDW? A Fathom miniseries?

    PS: I don’t know if I’m kidding or not.

  5. Shia’s comic is available at Star Clipper in St. Louis, MO, as well. I saw it and thought it looked much stranger than I imagined it could be, but I haven’t actually read it. I do think it’s pretty cool that he’s so DIY about the whole process, though.

  6. FYI – there was absolutely ZERO publicity about this on C2E2’s part. The word is that he signed up and the folks at Reed didn’t think it was actually him.

    1. Good for him. He did it without exploiting his name.
    2. I’m still amazed that no-one pounced on him and had him do a autograph session.