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New Captain America trailer is pretty rad


While there are some things we can complain about with the system Marvel Studios has in place for its movie assembly line, there are some things they do really well. Like release trailers that continually build excitement. And the new one for CAPTAIN AMERICA — while telling the whole story of the movie — also includes some awesome action shots that have everyone on the net raving.


  1. Oh, oh God…
    I’m just… I’m just much too excited. Holy crap. This is really glorious.

    I also like that we get to hear the actor talk a bit. He doesn’t sound totally unbelievable. I was worried about this, but he seems okay. Something about his face still kinda irks me but it’s okay.

    I think this might make up for THOR.
    I hope.
    I’m ready to really, really, really love it. But, then, I have over 300 actual cap comics covering almost the entire run up thru the late 90s… so I’m kind of a fan.

  2. That looks amazing. As excited as I am by the Cap action, I think the origin story is going to be one of the best yet and I hope they give it enough screen time. Evans looks like a perfect fit for both Cap and Steve. Can’t wait.

  3. I’m watching this south of Rio Grande and I have to say the whole ‘heroes are made in America’ tagline irks me a wee bit. I mean, I know the movie isn’t just some U-S-A U-S-A jingoistic flick but stil…

  4. I was never really sold on this film but that trailer is pretty good and is by far the most convincing of anything I’ve seen of Cap since the film was announced.

    Marvel films always try to intelligently appeal to a broad base with a healthy amount of humour, something the DC films lack quite a bit. The best bits in Thor were the ‘fish out of water’ scenes and it was at its weakest in the second act when they were trying to tie it all into the Avengers stuff with Hawkeye making an appearance.

    I might actually go see Cap now but I’m still a bit skeptical. Those scenes where he’s a young, weakly private seem a bit odd and the Red Skull still kind of looks lame (Weaving was a good choice though).

    And is there ever any mention of the rather worrying undertone of ‘the superhuman’ in regards to Captain America? They decide to fight the Nazis by artificially creating an Aryan superman. Hmmm… the whole concept of the character was always a bit eyebrow-raising!

  5. Julián : Most movies these days have seperate trailers that appeal to the international audience, the “heroes are made in America” line is almost certainly not going to be in the trailer they make to appeal to non-americans

  6. @Henrik J – no doubt that will be the case. I’d actually be interested to see what the international trailers look like, and if they significantly cut down the amount of shots of Evans in full red-white-and-blue uniform.

  7. I am guessing because the studio felt that all that action set to 40s jazz and big band music wouldn’t help sell the movie to people under the age of 80

  8. Love the trailer, the acting should be good and the background story looks like they invested more into keeping it close to the original comic. Got a little chill hearing “Mr. Stark” in the trailer. Wondering how the tie to Avengers will be at the end?

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