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New Buenaventura titles


Two new books from Buenaventura Press:

The gay elves in Uncle Alvin’s workshop have been working overtime and Buenaventura Press is going through ch-ch-ch-changes. Not only do we have a spectacular new office space, new staff additions, and seriously exciting upcoming projects, but we will be seeing some of you live and in person at the Small Press Expo in Maryland in October and then at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco in November.

Boy’s Club 2
Matt Furie’s wildly popular teenage monsters are back! Following the success of the first issue, Boy’s Club 2 once again serves up the knee-slapping hi-jinx of Andy, Brett, Landwolf, and Pepe who are always “drinkin’, stinkin’ and never thinkin’.” The daily lives of these four best friends will be all-too-familliar to anyone who has ever lovingly farted in a roommate’s face. Join them on a psychedelic 80’s freak-out as they play Nintendo, eat pizza, and barf their brains out.

Souvlaki Circus
Finnish artist Amanda Vähämäki and Italian artist Michelangelo Setola have created the enigmatic Souvlaki Circus, a series of pencil drawings that weave a patchwork narrative of metaphoric truths about humans and nature. These two very different artists have created a seamless work of art, though their only discussion during this blind collaboration was to agree on a theme of “animals”. Vähämäki and Setola have tapped into deep and often unsettling imagery to forge a nighttime world that vividly illustrates how the differences between human and beast are often as thin as the artists’ delicate pencil strokes. This beautiful cloth bound volume with silkscreened cover showcases two important emerging talents.

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