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NEW!! Born Apart!


Hey there! It’s said that thinking in new patterns helps the mind to stay limber. In that spirit, we’re presenting a NEW BEAT FEATURE called Born Apart! Here we’ll post two completely unrelated images just to get the old braineroo doing some jumping jacks. We’ll search high and low for the most RANDOMLY UNCONNECTED COMICS COVERS we can find. So here we go and let’s get thinking!


  1. The guy on the horse has a really long boot.

    That’s what’s happening there, right? Some sort of foot fetish?

  2. The similarities in content and/or theme didn’t even register at first. All I noticed was that both covers were designed using a similar grid — the left third of the page is a vertical figure, the logo is in the upper right, and the bottom right has a horizontal element.

  3. Scott Shaw posted that Rifleman cover almost a decade, huh? Glad I’m not the only one who still laughs like an immature adolescent at the thought of it.

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