Last year’s ABANDONED CARS by Tim Lane, was a solid debut that didn’t get a lot of attention, which is a shame because Lane’s gritty, hardboiled stories were a nice counterpoint to comics’ occasional excess of shoe-gazing. Anyway, a paperback edition is coming out next year, and it will have two variant covers, recalling the dog-eared pulps of the past. One of them is above, but you’ll need to go to the link for the other.


  1. Tim first got my notice with his terrific stories in the Hotwire Comics anthologies, and it’s a shame that people haven’t taken more notice. He got some well deserved praise when Abandoned Cars came out, and then nothing. Really surprising, hopefully when the softcover hits next year, it suddenly becomes less forgettable.

    And The Freaky Tiki, there is definitely some Burns there, but make no mistake Tim Lane is no Burns clone.

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