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MY LITTLE PONY retro cartoon/toys embrace ’80s roots

Dustin's MLP Thesis gains further evidence!


Whether or not you’ve finished or even began the latest season of Netflix’s ’80s callback phenomenon Stranger Things, you’re probably more than aware of the insane product placement marketing push within and outside the show with brands churning out tie-in products, from the Burger King’s Upside Down Whopper to to Coca Cola’s infamous New Coke fiasco, celebrating that halcyon era. Never one to miss an opportunity to jump on the 80’s remembrance bandwagon, Hasbro is also getting in on the action through its My Little Pony brand.

In one of the most memorable scenes, Dustin Henderson postulates his “My Little Pony Thesis” arguing that MLP is and always been nerdy, thus solidifying himself as one of the earliest bronies. You can thank MLP writer Gillian Berrow for her involvement in getting that MLP backpack featured in Stranger Things, as she revealed via Twitter.


And there’s more where that came from. As reported by io9, Hasbro has unveiled a new YouTube series, My Little Pony: The Retro Show, a pop-up video clip show of classic MLP episodes with clever witticisms included. Props to imitating the announcer from the original VH1 Pop-Up Video show. Check it out below:

And for the My Little Pony toy collectors out there, Hasbro is putting out an Amazon Exclusive My Little Pony Retro Rainbow Mane 6:




Bronies who will be attending SDCC (less than a week away!) will definitely want to line up at the Hasbro Booth for a chance to obtain the My Little Pony Through the Years – Twilight Sparkle Exclusive.

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