Wizard has the scoop on Grant Morrison’s new dimension-spanning head trip, and The Weekly Crisis has laid it all out on the web for you. It’s a seven-issue miniseries for DC, each issue taking place on a different Earth called The Multiversity. However, the issues interconnect and reflect one another. Earths that will never be the same be explored include Earth 5 (Fawcett) and Earth Charlton, where we’ll see the Watchmen in their original guises as the Question and so on. Quoth Morrison:

I thought it would be interesting to pick up on that sort of crystalline, self-reflecting storytelling method, so the mad notion I came up with was to do the Charlton characters in a story I’d construct as an update on that ludic Watchmen style – if Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons had pitched the Watchmen now, rooted in a contemporary political landscape but with the actual Charlton characters instead of analogues!

Right. And:

There’s a very different kind of murder mystery at the heart and the whole thing can be read backwards, forwards and sideways.

Well, we’re excited. Freed from the weight of a tentpole line-encompassing x-over, this is something Morrison should have a lot of fun with. And when Grant Morrison has fun, so do readers.

Speaking of fun, the original link has the funniest graphic ever, but we won’t steal it here.


  1. This sounds like fun already. Too bad we can’t get a better picture of that Art Adams multi-character slobberknocker. Dark Knight Batman clobbering Rorschach! That’s the kinda comic I’d pay money for! :)

  2. As us Wizard refugees have been noting across the net, that Art Adams piece has nothing to do with any Grant Morrison series or any upcoming project period, it’s just a commission Wizard had done years ago.

  3. Hey! hey! Hey!… You are incorrect Mr. K-Box. Yeah. Yeah.

    Rorscharch vs. Frank Miller’s DKR is pretty much my ultimate high school comic book.

    Man… if DC owns Mad Magazine, they could easily have an Earth with Superduperman and Batsman and Rubin, not to mention Plastic Sam.

    Jus’ sayin.