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More promotions at DC: Gill, Napolitano, Boison


More PR as DC continues to restructure. Longtime employees Alison Gill and Nick Napolitano have been promoted to SVP, Manufacturing & Operations and VP, Manufacturing Administration, respectively. More recent hire Jeff Boison has been promoted to VP, Publishing Operations. Gill is an industry veteran whose promotion reflects her in-depth knowledge of all things concerned printing and production.
Much of the job duties mentioned for the trio includes working with the new bi-coastal setup of the company.

Three executive promotions in the Manufacturing & Operations departments were made today by DC Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio. Alison Gill was named SVP, Manufacturing & Operations, while Nick Napolitano and Jeff Boison were promoted to VP, Manufacturing Administration and VP, Publishing Operations, respectively. Gill will report directly to the Co-Publishers and both Napolitano and Boison will report into Gill.

“These three have played pivotal roles behind-the-scenes at DC,” said Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher, DC Comics. “The team in Manufacturing and Operations are essential in producing our books and making sure that a finished, high-quality product makes it to market. Alison, Nick and Jeff will further strengthen these processes and create several new ones in their elevated roles.”

In her new role, Alison Gill will support the transition of workflows between East and West coasts; will work with other WB divisions to make DC’s material more accessible and oversee the preservation of its film archives. Environmental concerns have always been important to her, and in 2008 she oversaw DC’s move towards using SFI-certified paper stocks, something she considers one of her most significant achievements. Alison Gill first joined DC Comics in 1999 as Executive Director of Production. Previous to DC, Gill worked in various capacities at Marvel Comics’ UK and New York offices.

“Alison’s been critical in not only finding the most efficient manufacturing methods for DC Comics, but also the ones that make the least impact on our environment,” said DiDio, “We take great pride in Alison’s efforts to ensure that we are always exploring the most eco-friendly publishing options in the industry.”

Nick Napolitano returned to DC Comics in 1999 as a Pre Press artist. Napolitano has also worked as a comic artist, including on “Legion of Super Heroes” and “Crisis on Infinite Earths” for DC and has done prolific work as a letterer. In his new role, Nick will continue to oversee the Production and Lettering departments as well as head up DC’s newly-created Tech Ops department. Tech Ops’ main role will be to assist in creating synergy between DC Entertainment’s bi-coastal production workflows.

“I’m eager to work with Nick to develop new ideas for our digital workflows,” said Jim Lee, Co-Publisher, DC Comics, “Nick’s played so many roles in so many different departments over the years – he’ll bring the sort of broad, valuable experience that few others in the industry can provide.”

Jeff Boison has been DC’s Executive Director of Publishing Operations since 2009. Prior to joining DC, Boison worked for Random House for 11 years, most recently as Director of Sales. In his new role, Boison will be responsible for overseeing green light process on project approvals, managing long and short-term scheduling concerns, creating a balanced product mix and supervising the supply chain management and logistics department.

“Jeff has played a humongous role in maximizing our ability to get our hottest books into readers’ hands,” said DiDio. “Bringing in his long track record from the book publishing world, Jeff has been able to fast-track sellout books like the Superman: Earth One to make sure they stay in-print and return quickly to store shelves.”

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