Poring over the February solicitations this week has revealed several bits of news. For instance, the Old New 52 gang is breaking up some more as Ron Marz is no longer writing VOODOO, to be replaced by Josh Williamson. Although Voodoo’s cameltoe-tastic art by Sami Basri had drawn criticism, most observers agreed that for a story about a stripper who is really an alien, Marz had done a decent job. However, editors wanted a different take, even though editor Rex Ogle was leaving to take a job at Scholastic, as Marz told Newsarama.

“The only thing I was told was that they wanted a different direction for the book. I had a 10-minute phone call with the outgoing editor, who gave me the news. I asked what direction they wanted, but since the editor was leaving staff the next day, he didn’t really know. So that’s all the information I was given. I haven’t heard from anyone else, beyond a call from the book’s new editor to work out details on my last issue.

“I have to admit, I was pretty surprised, since I’d been making the revisions and changes that had been requested by editorial as the book evolved. But it seems like they want something other than what I was giving them. Obviously I’m disappointed that I won’t get to continue the story we began telling, and I’ll certainly miss working with the art team of Sami Basri and Jessica Kholinne, who are doing amazing work on the series. I wish them and the new writer much success as Voodoo moves forward. I still feel like the New 52 was a very bold and positive move for DC, and for the industry as a whole, and I’m glad to have been a part of it.”

Williamson is another recruit from indie ranks; his recent projects include XenoHolics from Image and Sketch Monsters from Oni.

Marz joins Gail Simone, JT Krul, George Perez and John Rozum as writers who have already left the New 52 books they started on, some voluntarily, others, as with Marz, for directions that didn’t meet current expectations. And of course, there are fill-in and “job share” artists galore as comics must stay on a strict schedule to meet digital release dates.


  1. Maybe it is Marz’s nonstop left wing rants/ snide comments…. Example: “Boy, the lady who plays this “Elisabeth Hasselbeck” character on TV is completely convincing as an ignorant, self-obsessed dope”

  2. No, there’s still no confirmation Gail’s leaving Firestorm.

    The fact that its the one thing she still hasn’t denied however (like she does all other rumors) leads most of us to believe its going to happen.

  3. This was a comic book I scratched my head in confusion over, when I heard DC was publishing it.

    Have they really sunk so low as to WANT to publish something like this? A stripper alien?!? Ugh…