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More on KING CITY's move


Over at CBR, the stupendously talented Brandon Graham (see above) talks more about how KING CITY went from purgatory at Tokyopop to publishing at Image:

Graham released “King City” Vol. 1 in 2007 through American manga publisher TOKYOPOP, and gained an Eisner nomination for Best Writer/Artist – Humor in 2008. The company planned to follow it up with Vol. 2, only to cancel the release as part of blanket cuts made to their digest-sized American OGN line. To add insult to injury, Graham was already around 130 pages into drawing the book when he found out TOKYOPOP wouldn’t be releasing it, and they weren’t willing to give him back the rights to the property so he could take it somewhere else.

Enter Image Comics. There’s something that sets Image apart from most other contemporary comics companies, according to Graham: they make comics. “They don’t do movies or video games, they just want to publish comics,” Graham said. Image’s “comics first” mentality made them specially-suited to print “King City,” while letting TOKYOPOP hold onto the actual rights to the book.

Hm, now why would Tokyopop have no interest in publishing something that is so valuable that they would never give up the movie rights? Does that make sense?

There is a moral to this story, kids…can you guess what it is????????

PS: The image above is from Graham’s Oni series, MULTIPLE WARHEADS.

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  1. “There is a moral to this story, kids…can you guess what it is????????”

    Miss, miss, I know, I know! Never sign away any of your rights on a property you came up with

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