Clifford Meth has a nice tribute to Marie Severin with lots of comments from her contemporaries. Severin is currently in the hospital recovering from a stroke.

“Marie Severin has mastered every skill connected with comics as no one—-man or woman—-has,” Johnny Romita said upon reflection. “I was lucky enough to have worked with her for many years at Marvel Comics… Her EC years speak for themselves. She could do humor better than most; did powerful pencils from plots; inked and colored stories and countless covers with personality and clarity, as well as any colleague I ever worked with. And then there were those barbed but sensational birthday cards she dashed off, which are among the most prized art I still have in my studio.”


  1. I met Marie years ago through a mutual friend in Brooklyn. We spent a great fun filled evening together…I moved away and lost contact. After googling her I came across the article that said she had suffered a stroke…any update available as to health or where she can be reached? The night we met she had pencil sketched a cartoon of me titling it SUPER FRESH…treasured it for years until it crumbled!! Thanks for any info.