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More '90s comics videos: 1990 retailer roundtable


If you didn’t get enough of ’90s style hairdos in yesterday video epic, via Very Fine / Near Mint, another classic ’90s video of a retailer roundtable on the cable access show The Chronic Rift. Three NYC-area retailers discuss advance reorders and the impending marriage of Superman. Of the stores mentioned, only Hanley’s of Staten Island is still around.

  1. Hey, thanks again for the linkage Heidi!

    One of the more interesting “Wow, I forgot that was a hot book at one point!” topics that comes up in the roundtable is DC’s 1989 Ring of the Nibelung adaptation, by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane…

    …that book got some mainstream press attention at the time (at least in certain markets), and thusly a rush of “civilians” calling comic shops asking about it. Well, at least those into opera.

    VF / NM

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