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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: An extended first look at the sensational MONSTER ALLERGY, VOL. 3: THE STELLAR TUTOR

Who — or what — is Charlie, and why can he see monsters just like Zick?


Insight Comics’ Monster Allergy series has seen huge success in Europe, spawning trading card games, a stage play adaptation, an animated series, and multiple spin-off series spanning more than 38 issues of content. In February, the series continues with Monster Allergy, Vol. 3: The Stellar Tutor, and today The Beat can reveal an extended first look at the newest installment.

Written by Bruno Enna with a story by Katja Centomo, pencilled by Antonella Dalena, inked by Cristina Giorgilli and Raffaella Seccia, and colored by Cecilia GumentoThe Stellar Tutor finds Zick and Elena returning from summer vacation — and introduces a new character, who may not be quite what he seems.

Here’s the full synopsis:

In this thrilling third installment of Monster Allergy, Zick and Elena return from summer vacation to start a new school year and continue their incredible adventures in Oldmill Village, a hideaway for all kinds of ghosts and monsters. Now these friends will have to face bullies, homework, and tests on top of Oldmill’s usual monster shenanigans—including a new group of monsters that has just moved in next door.

Then, when Elena’s best friend, Charlie Shuster, comes to town, tensions rise between Zick and Elena. Like Zick, Charlie can see monsters, but otherwise the two couldn’t be more different and can’t seem to get along. But when a school field trip turns into a ghostly submarine adventure, Zick and Elena learn that Charlie isn’t quite what he seems. Find out who­—or what—Charlie really is in Monster Allergy, Vol. 3!

Monster Allergy, Vol. 3: The Stellar Tutor hits shelves February 4, 2020. You can pre-order now directly through Insight Comics, or from your local comic shop using Diamond Code DEC191750, as well as from your local bookstore. Check out a first look below, and be sure to catch up on Vol. 1: House of Monsters and Vol 2: The Suspended City.


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