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MoCCA Pre-party Poop


Despite the rain last night, it was a jam packed night of socializing on the MoCCA party front. We started the evening at the Romanian comics talk, which was a fascinating look at a comics movement starting from the ground up in only a few years. We’ll have more on that after we get the proper spellings of the names!

Then we caught the last hour or so of Drink and Draw Like a Lady, which was an incredible assemblage of talented, smart folks, including hosts Hope Larson and Raina Telgemeier, Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran, Carol Turrell, Mario Vitus, Becky Cloonan, MK Reed, Abby Denson and actually…scores of other people. The place was mobbed early on.

THEN it was off to the Future Ink party, which was also mobbed. Folks were standing on the street in the misting rain either under an umbrellas, in a hoodie or just letting it all hang out. After the beer ran out, it was off to a secret after party.

Out correspondents at Rocketship report that their Syncopated party was equally packed, with kegs of beer drained in a speedy manner. Guess cartoonists like free beer. Who knew?

Pictures and details later…now off to MoCCA!

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