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MoCCA Fest 2012 announces guests: Russell, Panter


MoCCA Fest 2012 has finally announced its guests and begun rolling out other activities—and they have a brand new dedicated website, above, to do so.

P. Craig Russell is the guest of honor—which explains the exquisite rococo ad we’ve been running for the past month—and Gary Panter will be presented with the Klein Award, MoCCA’s lifetime achievement honor.

This year’s complete guest list:

Jessica Abel, Derf Backderf, José-Louis Bocquet, Joyce Brabner, Box Brown, Domitille Collardey, Leela Corman, Mike Dawson, Stephen DeStefano, Matt Forsythe, Drew Friedman, Tom Gauld, Dean Haspiel, Jason, Daniel Johnston, Michael Kupperman, Peter Kuper, Matt Madden, Nicolas Mahler, Catel Muller, Kevin Pyle, MK Reed, Joseph Remnant, Hans Rickheit, Alex Robinson, Olivier Schrauwen, Raina Telgemeier, GB Tran, Lauren Weinstein, & Shannon Wheeler.

A nice, wide-ranging spectrum of the local talent and foreign guests as well, led by such greats as Jason, Olivier Schrauwen and Catel Muller & José-Louis Bocquet, creators of the much honored Kiki de Montparnasse.

MoCCa Fest will be held April 28-29th at the Lexington Armory. Ticket are on-sale online now:
Online Pre-Sale: $12/ day, $18/ weekend
Members: $12/ weekend

At The Door: $15/ day, $24/ weekend
Members: $15/ weekend

Finally, Mocca has a new tumblr with more info on guests, etc.

We’ll be updating our MoCCA dining guide, as always—email us with suggestions! comicsbeat@ gmail.com!

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