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MoCCA 2011: The Photo parade


YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! Please help with photo IDs!

Drink &Draw like a lady was packed with the women of comics. Amazing!

L-R: TK, Ellen Linder< and Vern & Lettuce’s Sarah McIntyre, leading the contingent from England.

It was packed at Desert Island for the Peter Bagge/Leslie Stein signing. Blurry Nick Gazin and John Keane can be ID’d here.

Fantagraphics ace publicist Jacq Cohen and Leslie Stein flank unknown lady.

Peter Bagge gave Gabrielle Bell a taco! You heard it here first.

L-R, Pascal Girard, Brecht Evens and Joe Ollmann. D&Q brings the nicest cartoonists to America. Girard and Ollmann are from just north of the border. Young Evens, 25, was the life of the party, jumping up and down, picking people up, kissing men and women and generally living it up. European cartoonists kind of sighed, as they are used to his lovable antics, but it was all new to NYC.

OH NO! Our cartooning friends from away learn a harsh lesson — no open containers! $25 tickets were meted out to all those who were holding a beer.

Next day dawned clear and the ornamental crabapple had just begun to bloom.

Just before the panel I moderated on serial non-fiction, this panel on teaching comics with Karen Green, Tom Hart, Bill K., and Jessica Abel wrapped up — wow, I wish I had seen the whole thing. Green showed the famous panel from Popeye of multiple heads and fists and wondered why it was so easy to understand despite the sophistication of the imagery.

My panel — Nick Abadsis, Nick Bertozzi, Sarah Glidden, and Dean Haspiel went well, I thought.

Alex Cox was rocking his kilt. Seth Kushner wishes he had.

Jane Irwin returned after several years away. She said she needed time away to work out the bumps in her story.

Marianne R. Petit at the ICP booth — they are doing some amazing cutting edge things there.

More of those things!

Authentic Scotsman Simon Frazier was also rocking the kilt. I hear several pictures were taken of the two kilt-wearers were taken; alas, I did not get one. I did, however, remind them that there is a genre of romance/fantasy called the “kiltlifter.”

Over from England, Daryl Cunningham, author of Psychiatric Tales. He says a collection of his various investigative debunking comics is in the works.

Nathan Schreiber and Chris Sinderson

Nick Bertozzi and daughter Sabina. After several years lying low, Bertozzi promises to be more on the scene. He’s currently working on a comic about Ernest Shackleton that has been called one of the most accurate portrayals of that great adventurer yet.

At a show that included lots of very young cartoonists, crammed three to a table, it was hard to stand out, but these fellows, from Carleton College, had discovered a way — a banner!

As you can see in this side view — the banner requires very erect posture.

Beat intern/illustrator Maggie Siegel-Berele and her table mates.

On Sunday programming director Brian Heater caught up with Alex Cox, now dressed like a Rebel soldier.

First Second’s Gina Gagliano and Mark Siegel.

SVA’s Keith Mayerson and cartoonist/teacher/editor Matt Madden.

Stephen de Stefano and Ted Stearn, two of the most talented people you will ever meet.

These very nice folks had incredible stone lithographs of art by Charles Burns, Kim Dietch and others. As soon as we find their card we’ll plug their name.

Meeting of the minds at MoCCA: Anne Bernstein, Emily Flake, Tom Hart and Alex Cox again.

Pizza Islanders.

This is ALL that D&Q had left of their stock at the end of the show. Talk about good planning.

After the show Sunday, artist Sean Pryor relaxes with his incredible hair.

  1. Let’s say you were going to do CosPlay at MoCCA. What would you go as?

    Kochalka’s SuperF*ckers?
    Billy Dogma or Jane Legit?
    A little animal like in GOODBYE, CHUNKY RICE?

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