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MoCCA 2010 publisher news — UPDATED



We have a slew of signings all weekend long as well as a remarkably potent lineup of new books debuting at the show, including: 
Artichoke Tales by Megan Kelso
Best American Comics Criticism, edited by Ben Schwartz
Billy Hazenuts and the Crazy Bird by Tony Millionaire
Captain Easy Vol. 1 by Roy Crane
Dungeon Quest by Joe Daly
Culture Corner by Basil Wolverton
Blazing Combat s/c by Archie Goodwin & Co.
Krazy & Ignatz 1916-1918 by Geo. Herriman
The Search for Smilin’ Ed by Kim Deitch
Tales Designed to Thrizzle #6 by Michael Kupperman
Wally Gropius by Tim Hensley
Weathercraft by Jim Woodring
Temperance by Cathy Malkasian
And here’s our signing schedule for the show:


At MoCCA this weekend Top Shelf will have (deep breath):


Sparkplug will be at the MoCCA Festival in New York this weekend (Saturday April 10th and 11th).


Austin English, Clara Johansson and Eroyn Franklin will be running the table ( #G9). They’ll have a bunch of new books including an anthology with stuff by Austin and John Hankiewicz (and more) and the premiere preview mini of a new anthology by Shannon O’Leary and Joan Reilly (which I have a story in).

I’ve just put two brand new Sparkplug books on the website: Reich #7 by Elijah Brubaker and Eschew #2 by Robert Sergel. MoCCA Festival is the world premiere of both books. It will be the East Coast premiere of Whirlwind Wonderland by Rina Ayuyang co-published with Tugboat Press. Make sure to drop by the table and say “hi”. They’ll also have all the Sparkplug books and more self-published comics. A full table.


We’ll have even more new comics for the Stumptown Comics Fest coming up in two weeks!

Yes, MoCCA has come early this year!  D+Q will be there with bells on, and with Adrian Tomine, James Sturm, R. Sikoryak and Gabrielle Bell on hand to sign your books. Stop by tables A41, 42, B1.

Saturday, April 10
12-2 Adrian Tomine
2-3 R. Sikoryak
3-4 James Sturm
4-5 Gabrielle Bell
5:15 Gabrielle Bell and R. Sikoryak programming “The MoCCA Live Strip Show: Actors Perform Indie Funnies”
5-6 James Sturm

Sunday, April 11
11:30 James Sturm programming “James Sturm and Paul Karasik in Conversation”
11:30-12:30 Gabrielle Bell signing
12:30-2:30 James Sturm signing
2:30-4:30 R. Sikoryak signing

This year, Pantheon will be giving away special tote bags with purchase of a graphic novel! Check out our booth for news on upcoming works from your favorite graphic novelists, plus lots of great giveaways. See you there!

Pantheon Panels
Saturday 4/10:
12:45 PM: Dash Shaw and Frank Santoro in Conversation
Moderated by: Bill Kartalopol

Frank Santoro, author of Storeyville and co-creator of Cold Heat, joins Bottomless Belly Button and Bodyworld author Dash Shaw for a conversation moderated by comics critic and Parsons faculty member Bill Kartalopoulos. The artists will discuss their inf
uences, their approaches to comics, and the relationship between line and color on the printed comics page.

3:15 Klein Award Ceremony: Our very own David Mazzuchelli, author of Asterios Polyp, will be presented the award by renowned graphic designer Chip Kidd.

5:15 PM: The MoCCA Live Strip Show: Actors Perform Indie Funnies Featuring the art of: Kim Deitch, R. Sikoryak, Michael Kupperman, , Gabrielle Bell, and Emily Flake. The MoCCA Live Strip Show: Actors Perform Indie Funnies Top talent from the world of sta
dup comedy, animation, film, and radio come together to perform live versions of strips from Kim Deitch (Boulevard of Broken Dreams), Michael Kupperman (Tales Designed to Thrizzle), Gabrielle Bell (Lucky), R. Sikoryak (Masterpiece Comics), and Emily Flak
(Things Ain’t Gonna Smoke Themselves).

Sunday 4/11:
2:00 PM: Sequential Activism: Saving the World One Panel at a Time, featuring Josh Neufeld (A.D.: New Orleans After The Deluge,), Bill Ayers (To Teach: The Journey in Comics), Peter Kuper (WWIII Illustrated, Oaxaca), Tom Hart (Hutch Owen), and Ward Sutto
(Sutton Impact) join moderator Brian Heater (Daily Crosshatch) to explore the history of subversive political comics, from political cartoons to World War III Illustrated.

Dash Shaw & Josh Neufeld will be doing signings at the Pantheon booth after their panels.

First Second:

Our table is E32, and some of our authors have
consented to grace us with their presence: 


11:00 – 12:30 – Susan Kim, Laurence
, and Pascal Dizin stop by to sign the newly released City of Spies

12:30 – 2:00 — James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, and
Alexis Frederick-Frost stop by to sign Adventures
in Cartooning
.  Possibly the first public ensemble signing
this book!

2:00 – Mike Cavallaro stops by to sign the
newly released New York
fantastical adventure Foiled


2:00 – George O’Connor, just returned
from a Texan adventure, signs the first two books in his newly released
mythological series, Zeus and Athena. 


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