Who is where and what are they doing at MoCCA, which takes place this weekend at the Armory on Lexington.

I Know Joe Kimpel at MoCCA Festival 2010!

Dean Haspiel

Nathan Schreiber:

I’m debuting Power Out – Book One ($9.99, 84 pages, ISBN 978-0-615-34662-5) at MoCCA this weekend at table E22. I’m publishing it with a Xeric grant, and it got nominated for an Eisner as well. And even though it’ll be out in stores in June, this weekend is the first release!

Benjamin Marra

At this year’s MoCCA, buy all four  TRADITIONAL COMICS comic books FOR $10 and publisher, writer and artist, Benjamin Marra, will sign them for you. Get all three issues of the urban crime drama NIGHT BUSINESS and the hip-hop action-adventure GANGSTA RAP POSSE at a reduced price, plus get each of them signed by their creator.


Saturday, April 10th, 2010





Sunday, April 11th, 2010





Jason Ciaccia

Do ya like comic books?  Are ya inta conspiracy theories?  Ever been to Cuba? Would ya rock a beard like Fidel Castro?  Do ya go ga-ga over JFK‘s lusty libido?  Hear about the CIA mind control experiments? Wonder what it would be like to be inside an isolation tank? Tried LSD?

If ya answered yes to any of the questions just posed to you, then I guarantee you will get a kick outta THE SINISTER TRUTH: MKULTRA!

The debut graphic novel from Jason CiacciaAaron Norhanian!

Our worldwide  premiere happens this weekend in New York City at MoCCA  FEST 2010!  We’ll be there LIVE & IN PERSON signing various body parts & handin’ out free ice cream cones with every  purchase!

The Boston Comics Roundtable/OUTBOUND


All  of your pood pals will be on hand to sign your pood purchases and hold
forth on the cultural significance of this watershed moment in the  history of planet earth! and here-as proof–our signing schedule-as  they call these things:

12-1 Lance Hansen and Adam
1-2: Henrik Rehr and Hans Rickheit
2-3 Tobias Tak, Mark
Sunshine and Bishakh Som
3-4 Bishakh Som, Connor Willumsen and Sara
Edward Corbett

12-1: Andres Vera Martinez & Kevin
Mutch( well-we haven’t confirmed this with his agent as yet-so it’s
subject to change)
1-2: Henrik Rehr and Adam McGovern
2-3: Tobias
Tak and Hans Rickheit
3-4: Connor Willumsen & Sara Edward Corbett

David Quinn and The Littlest Bitch

Secret Prison, another free comics tabloid — this one Philadelphia based.

The 10 stories in this collection first appeared on the Split Lip website (http://www.webcomicsnation.com/splitlip/) and combine to offer 160 pages of disturbing, intellectual horror stories. It features stories written by Sam Costello and art by Sami Makkonen (Hatter M vol. 2), Anthony Perruzo (Zuda), John Bivens (Comic book Tattoo), and Jason Ho (Agnes Quill).

The special limited edition includes things that won’t be found in the standard edition of Volume 2, including a previously unpublished story, a new cover by Shane Oakley, and never-before-seen notes on stories in this volume.

This edition is signed and numbered by Split Lip creator Sam Costello and is limited to 35 copies.

Split Lip Vol. 2 Special Limited Edition will be on sale at MOCCA, April 10 and 11, and is available online at http://www.splitlipcomic.com/store/

Eric Skillman

Writer/designer Eric Skillman will be debuting “EGG: Hard Boiled Stories #2″ by Eric, Ming Doyle, Victor Kerlow, and Evan Bryce, “Dental Hygiene and Secret Identities” (minicomic) by Eric and Rachel Friere, and “The Deserter” (minicomic) by Eric and Dan Duncan, plus still-available older comics, prints, and more!

Plus also my personal guide to MoCCA-adjacent restaurants:

Liz Baille

Freewheel: Volume One, which collects the first five chapters of the webcomic Freewheel, will be debuting at MoCCA! The webcomic is currently only up to Chapter 3, so those who pick up the book will get a sneak peek at the next two chapters!

Box Brown

Andrew Boscardin writes:

It’s not exactly new, but my CD “Four-Color Heroes!” which is dedicated to and inspired by several comics legends – including Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Steve Gerber, to whom the whole CD is dedicated – will be available for free at MoCCA, at the Jack Kirby Museum booth. “Four-Color Heroes!” was recently recommended in the Seattle Times’ “Best Jazz CDs of 2009.”

I don’t know how many copies they will have on hand, but there will also be postcards with download codes in case they run out. The codes are good for a Download plus CD for $1 plus shipping.

Eric Kim writes:

Tory Woollcott and I will be attending MoCCA and be available at Table G2. I’ll be selling a limited edition convention exclusive print (17” x 24”, gold and black), as well as showing a preview of my upcoming book, The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar, Timon of Athens), which will debut at TCAF. Tory will have copies of her book Mirror Mind,  a book about growing up with dyslexia. She’ll also have copies of her minicomic, Flesh.

We’ll also have work from Deryk Ouseley and Mara Sternberg (who will also be attending the show). Overall, we’ll have buttons, cards, books, prints…it’ll be pretty wild.

Jay Lynch
will be at the Abrams Books table signing copies of the new, second volume of the WACKY PACKAGES books which is titled WACKY PACKAGES NEW NEW NEW.

Kevin Colden
will be set up with the first of four limited edition signed and numbered prints for his Zuda comic I Rule the Night. Also at the table will be Bobby and Peter Timony with copies of their book Night Owls and Miss Lasko-Gross with her books Escape From Special and A Mess of Everything.

Table B16

Mike Dawson
will be at table E19, debuting three new minicomics: issues 1, 2, & 3 of his new graphic-novel-in-progress Troop 142, as well as signing and selling copies of Freddie & Me and Ace-Face: The Mod With the Metal Arms.

Craig Yoe

“Dan DeCarlo’s Jetta” debuts at the great MoCCA fest and is the first time all the futuristic, sexy, teenage Jetta comics from the 1950s have been collected in their entirety and in a full-color hardback. Only a very limited number of books, flown in from the Orient (weeks before regular distribution) will be available from Yoe Books, an imprint of IDW (booth #E35). Jetta debuted a decade before Judy Jetson and was drawn by the brilliant Dan DeCarlo, famed for setting the “house-style” for Betty and Veronica and co-creating Josie and the Pussycats and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Thirty-seven master pinup artists provide full color, full page pinups in tribute to Dan and Jetta including Dean “Mandy” Yeagle, Craig “Powerpuff Girls” McCracken and Bill “Simpsons Comic Books” Morrison. Craig Yoe’s revealing introduction is loaded with unpublished art by DeCarlo. This is the first book of “The Good Girl Art Library”. Other brand new books Yoe will be signing include “The Complete Milt Gross Comic Books and Life Story (“Wonderful!”—Playboy), “Krazy and Ignatz in Tiger Tea” (Highly enjoyable!”—New York Examiner and “The Great Antiwar Cartoons” (“Powerful!”—Illustration Magazine).

Lauren Albert and Inés Estrada will be at table D6 1/2 with their comics a a zine featuring Lauren AlbertAndrew BellMassimiliano BombaDonald DixonNicholas GazinSantiago GrijalvaMaureen GubiaPatrick KyleChris KuzmaRalph NieseEdwin SandovalZach Hazard VaupenJustin Wallis Sua YooGarrett Young.

Some of this stuff looks wild.

Ken Wong, will debut a new Origami Comics (table F-37), “his newest and most fascinating folded format comic: “FLEXAGON!” an endless adventure starring Captain Rex Flexagon, his partner Lt. Polly Gonigal and arch-nemesis Dr. Zon.” Like Wong’s two previous Origami Comics (“PANDORA’S BOX” and “SCHRODINGER’S CAT”), FLEXAGON!” is a clever melding of form and function that explores new ways of comics storytelling.

Bill Roundy writes:

First, I’ve got three new mini-comics for sale: “Brood” a gay vampire romance; “Kiss Me Beneath the Christmas Tree” about a lonely schoolboy on winter break, and “The Amazing Adventures of Bill #12”, the latest collection of my journal comic

Second! I will be sketching! On Saturday from 1-2pm, I’ll be at the MoCCA table drawing any silly thing you want for $25.
All money goes to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.

Third! An art exhibit of my comics opens at the School of Visual Arts on Monday, April 13! It’s on display until May 3, Monday-Fridays 9am-7pm, Saturdays 10am-6pm, at 209 East 23rd St. (btw Second and Third Aves), in the hallway on the first floor.

Finally! I don’t get a reception for this exhibit (something about hallways being too narrow for crowds of people), but I’m encouraging people to view the artwork sometime between 6:30 and 8pm on Thursday, April 15, and then adjourn to The Globe, a pub one block away (158 E. 23rd St.), where I will join them for beverages.

Chris Sinderson will be selling his new comics Haberdash:

This 18 page mini-comic contains ink portraits of odd characters sporting various hats.  Each image is paired with a humorous vignette written by author Tim Hall.

and Second Chance Vance

This dark comedy follows our anti-hero, Vance, and his creator in their parallel quest to shape modern American culture through intimidation and social satire (respectively).  The mini-comic features the first three chapters of the ongoing web comic.

He will also be selling custom made, organic cookies based on his comics, handcrafted by Sugarbuilt

Jack Forbes writes:

I will be attending MoCCA this year and debuting my new book “Yiffing the Stars: The Tragedy of Lesli Firecracker”.

“Just another Furries in Space story. Warning: Contains Nudity, Graphic Violence, Alcohol and Illegal Drug Consumption, Depression, Interspecies Anthropromorphic Sex, More Depression, Two Suicide attempts, Robotic Zombie Cat-Girls, Two Group sex acts, Rape and Self Mutilation.

Forbes is currently exhibited at the Neo-Integrity exhibit at MoCCA‘s exhibition space, in the “PORN-ER”. He will be sharing a table with Yali Lin, Hyeondo Park, Nicolas Cinquegrani and Pedro Camargo

Cathy Leamy will be attending with the Boston Comics Roundtabe amd announces a new all-ages minicomic. *Reggie & Brian and the Lousy Nickname* tells the tale of young fisherman Reggie and his efforts to shake off a crummy nickname with the help of little merman pal Brian. Look for it along with my other minis (Geraniums and Bacon, Greenblooded) at the festival – I’ll be there with Boston Comics Roundtable.

Daryl Ayo Brathwaite


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