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Lots of BRIGHTEST DAY and Green Lantern news today on The Source.

* Tony  Bedard will take over writing GREEN LANTERN CORPS which will star John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Green Lantern Ganthet. Ardian Syaf, a relative newcomer, will handle art chores on the first arc. That’s the cover to issue #48 above.

* A new Green Lanertn title will soon debut, GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS, starring Guy Gardner. Pete Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin are the creative team.

* The artists on the first two issues of BRIGHEST DAY will include Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Ardian Syaf and Scott Clark.

  1. Heidi, is a 926K image really necessary for this post? With Photoshop Elements or any other image software you could get it down to 78K by resizing and optimizing the file, without sacrificing quality.

    I only mention this because boy, it makes your site open slowly.

  2. “…Ardian Syaf, a relative newcomer…”

    Isn’t he the guy who did the art on the Dabel Bros. Jim Butcher Dresden Files comics? Nice art on those, if I remember properly; nice to see him continuing to work.

  3. Really love Patrick Gleason’s artwork. It’s been a kick watching him grow these past few years on GLC. Hope he keeps a steady gig. He’s a wonderful, refreshing talent with a great eye for innovative composition and rendering.

  4. Some of us are on dial-up… I use a Sprint Treo 755p to read this blog on the subway, in bed, at lunch…

    5-10 seconds is what it takes to load the main page. Text first, then pics, so I can browse while I wait.

    My phone, however, turns a blind eye to embedded video. No flash, yet I can surf YouTube. Perhaps post the link in the text?

  5. Along the lines of what Ed Catto said, as soon as I heard there was shake up in the Green Lantern books I wondered where I would have to go to get a fix of Patrick Gleason’s artwork. I really like the expressive and distinct features he gives his cast, the moody and creepy settings and a clear careful storytelling style. I’m sorry he’s off of GLC but I hope he gets put on a steady gig soon. I think he’d be wonderful on a Batman book.

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