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Mile High's Chuck Rozanski is building a fortress made from of 2 miles of comics


The Denver Post profiles local man Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics. If you saw Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con documentary, you know Rozanski was the star of the film, not only for actually being in the comics industry but for having a home-spun philosophy and a pithy way of expressing it that should make him the star of many more reality shows. Anyway, Rozanski is talking about his vast new 65,000-square-foot warehouse, which holds “more comics than Amazon,” and will be open June 14 as part of this month’s Demver Comic Con festivities. The edifice is imposing:

Mounted along the wall above the shelves are what Rozanski calls “comic fronts” — comic books in archive-quality transparent sleeves, stacked six deep. Eventually, this border of comic fronts will span the store’s perimeter — “2 miles of comics,” Rozanski says. He measured.

The interview contains more Rozanski-ian insights:

Q: Why are they selling their collections? For money?

A: Sometimes it’s money. More often, it’s a woman. They’re the de-clutterers most often.

Q: What’s something else you’ve clung to?

A: I know it sounds ridiculous, but I have this baby spoon with Donald Duck on it that I ate cereal with when I was 4 years old. Every time I pick up that spoon, I remember being at breakfast with my grandfather in Bavaria. Why do you think I got back all my Classics Illustrated Junior? I can remember my mother reading them to me when I was 5.


  1. I don’t dislike Mile High but I feel like their prices are high. Which means they sell fewer comics, which means they need larger warehouses. Which they use to justify the higher prices…

  2. Better chuck then Kevin???? Are you on crack
    “Kevin is GOD” Chuck preys on little kids he’s a scam artist “LOSER”

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