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Mid-Ohio-Con/Wizard update


According to numerous reports, the “acquisition” of the Mid-Ohio Con by the Wizard convention group was a hot gossip topic at this weekend’s Mid-Ohio Con, and several message boards as well. The page we linked to has been taken down but, oddly, this ticket price list has been left up — Johanna has more and reactions, as does the comment thread at our original story (which for some reason we can’t edit.)

We asked Wizard spokesman Jerry Milani for comment and replied “We don’t have any formal announcement yet.”

So…developing on that front.

In other Mid-Ohio news, the Columbus MetroMix has a photo gallery up that includes the now-standard mix of images of hot girls dressed in skimpy genre costumes and heavy set gentlemen drawing in sketchbooks that has come to symbolize “Comic-Con” in the public mind. A fellow named Lee Bradford has a good time and got lots of advice on breaking in:

Everyone was SUPER nice. I didn’t get a publisher, but I really didn’t expect to on the first try anyhow. So instead of asking if people wanted to see my portfolio, I started asking people for advice on getting my name out there and a lot of the guests were really generous about helping someone just starting out in the business. (Okay, so two years may not seem like ‘just starting out’ but keep in mind that it takes someone anywhere from 5 to 10 years to even get noticed by a publisher, and that’s pretty much all dependent on how popular you are already. So in a large sense of the business, I’m still starting out.)

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