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If you look closely the book he’s carrying is some kind of book about Dragons. Luckily, Wacko Jacko has not yet discovered yaoi.


  1. I think it has been pretty evident since the “Scream” video that the man has been trying to transform himself into a living anime character.

  2. I hate to point this out, but this picture is photoshopped. We got the same tip over at Japanator, but there are a couple of things that popped out as this photo being a shop:

    -MJ is both wearing glasses and carrying a pair in his hand.
    -The hood is much darker than anything else that’s black in the shot.
    -He’s got a bit of smudge tool on his face.

  3. DirkMcV, I’m a little touched by the fact that you think that Jacko carrying a pair of glasses wearing wearing another is behavior aberrant enough to brand the photos as fake.

    The photos at TMZ don’t include this set, so they could be photoshopped. However, he was clearly in a bookshop, so there is a chance they are real. I mean I have no doubt whatsoever taht that’s what Jackson looks like, sadly. It’s just his standing in front of a sharp focused rack of manga that’s the question.

  4. Notice the two sets of glasses are different. One is probably for reading fine print, the other are big shades for hiding his identity. I don’t see the two glasses as “proof” of anything.

  5. Why would someone photoshop Jacko in a bookstore? It is possible that it is shopped but I don’t really see any typical indicators that this is a fake. The black material on Jacko will reflect black different than the flat hard surfaces in the background. It’s VERY possible he’s wearing shades inside along with his reading glasses in hand (remember who we are talking about here). And hen DOESN’T his face look smudgy and weird? His face is the least realistic one I’ve ever seen!

  6. Today’s NY Post reports that he spent two hours shopping at a Barnes & Noble in Lap Vegas.
    No idea about the bandages. He hides his face regularly.

  7. He has 2 different pairs of glasses so he can change to a different pair so as to have a different outlook on life.

  8. I’ve seen this pic MANY times, but never the whole thing! He was @ a Barnes & Noble’s leaving the manga/graphic novel which is attached to the fantasy section! (I frequent B&N & Border’s, so I know.) LOL! I always KNEW that he was into manga & anime! Makes me love him even more! {{{{^_^}}}}

  9. Oh & as for Cindy A.: SHOTA IS SOLD IN BARNES & NOBLE! (Nor is yaoi for that matter, since it’s a chain that believes in family values). Is that okay w/ you, he-bitch?

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