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Mezco’s Latest Punisher Delivers Justice To The Hero!


Never let it be said that Mezco has made a bad Punisher figure; they haven’t. But they’ve really outdone themselves with the latest One:12 Collective release of Frank Castle aka The Punisher.

The Punisher: Special Ops Edition One:12 Collective action figure is a Mezco webstore exclusive. Unfortunately for those reading about this figure for the first time, like many Mezco One:12 exclusives, it sold out immediately. And looking at the figure, you’ll understand why.

The simple design of the box belies the complexly designed figure waiting inside.

Opening up the box and taking out the figure gives you The Punisher in all his glory. Frank’s shirt is multi-textured to give the appearance of him wearing body armor.

I absolutely love that Mezco included this Punisher helmet, one of my favorite looks from the character’s history. No joke, this helmet was my main reason for jumping on this figure so quickly.

And those guns! So many guns!

Punisher comes with a veritable arsenal!

This might just be one of Mezco’s best figures yet!

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