Watch the Meet The Spartans trailer, which parodies 300 “Scary Movie” style. Yes, that is Kevin Sorbo.

Oh and PS: dear, DEAR Gerard Butler has not ruled out a cameo in WATCHMEN, although…realisticly, it almost surely won’t happen:

A bit later we spoke to Gerard Butler, who commented on Zack’s desire to film the graphic novel’s concurrent pirate comic book story as something specifically for the DVD. “I know they were talking about that and at one point that part was cut from the film because of budget,” Butler told us, “but then they were talking about it again so I don’t know. They are right in the middle of the main body of the film and at this point I’m not sure. But even a tiny little thing I would do for Zack Snyder. He’s my boy.”

On the DVD of our imagination, DDGB will always be a pirate.


  1. Frank Miller’s been parodied his entire career: GnatRat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, anyone? Not surprised his stuff being lampooned now that he is a big-time Hollywood stud.

  2. Lampooning someone is nothing, now, being a lampoon of a lampoon, THAT is success! ;)

    black belt adolescent radioactive hamsters anyone?