odessastepsAs we get 2009 rolling, we thought it would be nice to learn a little bit more about the Elite Beat Squad of writers and helpers who, believe it or not, assist The Beat in getting the important stuff out to the world. First up is Mark Coale, a faithful colleague who has been with us since (ulp) the Heidi’s Habitat days on AOL. Mark posts our regular LOST recaps, posts breaking news when we’re out and about, and watches the site while we’re on vacation. In short, he’s a big part of the Beat Experience. He’s also the auteur of his own magazine, the long-absent but never forgotten Odessa Steps, which we hear will be coming back any day now, right, Mark? With no further ado, Meet Mark!

Name: Mark Coale
Residence: Maryland
Occupation: Writer
Elite Beat Squad Codename: Helper Monkey
Website(s): www.odessasteps.com

The first comic book you ever remember reading: Avengers 22 or Wonder Woman 157 (first appearance of Egg Fu, presumably branding for life the love of bizarre C-level villains in me)

Name three of your favorite graphic novels: pass

Favorite comics writer: Archie Goodwin (Classic) James Robinson (Modern)

Favorite comics artist: Joe Kubert (Classic) Michael Lark (Modern)

Favorite musical act: The Kinks (Classic) They Might be Giants (Modern)

Name a movie that made you cry: Bicycle Thieves (Classic) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Modern)

Name a movie that made you laugh: Duck Soup (Classic) Blazing Saddles (Modern)

In my spare time I like to: go to indy wrestling shows

Betty or Veronica? Veronica

World of Warcraft or City of Heroes? Neither. Can I say Katamari instead?

Lost or 24? Lost (weekly updates again in a few weeks)

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Fox News on the TV with no way to change the channel

Blogging — boon to mankind or a clear and present danger? Boon, as long as I get to choose what sites to read

In five years comics will be …. about the same, but $5 an issue


  1. All I can is that it’s an homage to IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE done by Joelle Jones for an interview I did with Jamie S Rich for “the next issue” whenever that will be (it was supposed to be for Baltimore last year).