§Frank Miller on NPR.

§ Top Shelf has a trailer up for Christian Slade’s new comics Korgi.

§ McCloud family Winterview with Hope Larson and Bryann Lee O’Malley, with “Newlywed Game” style questioning!

§ Revision announces that iFanboy will become an internet TV show:

Internet television network Revision3 today announced the debut of iFanboy — audio and video shows for hardcore comic fans and casual pop culture patrons alike. Each week hosts Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards will deliver in-depth interviews with leading comic and graphic novel creators and publishers, as well as everyday comic book fans. Whether it’s remote reporting from the hottest comic book conventions, interviews with the stars of the genre, or in-studio advice on the comic books you should be reading, iFanboy will cover a new topic every week with passion, honesty and humor.

“Comic book pop culture is exploding,” said Ron Richards, one of the hosts of iFanboy. “Our audience ranges from 16 year old kids to physicians in their 40s. While they’re an incredibly diverse group, what they share is their passion for the world of comics and the unique culture that surrounds it. Some of the most popular names in entertainment grew up being fans of comics — from Kevin Smith, director of Clerks and Chasing Amy and writer of the comic book Daredevil — to Joss Whedon, writer of Astonishing X-Men and the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. As the comic fan base and culture grow by leaps and bounds, these fans are looking for a source of irreverent, but seriously fanatic information. That’s what iFanboy delivers.”


  1. When is this Korgi book coming out? These are my absolute favorite dogs. There is guy near where I work who has three. I am so envious when i see him walking his beautiful dogs. Why can’t i have a bigger apartment and a corgi instead of a studio and a three legged cat?

  2. I’m embarrassed that Frank Miller is our representation. I can almost see Neal biting his tongue at the 3rd grade nonsense spewing from Miller’s mouth. Also, he seriously needs to take some public speaking lessons. He can barely get a setence out without halting between every word. He should stick to boobs and guns and stay out of political commentary.

  3. Miller sounds like he’s stuck in September 2001. Or maybe he hasn’t picked up a newspaper since then, getting all of his information about what’s going on from talk radio or stuff he hears on the street. Or his contempt for all Arabic societies has confused him about the difference between Iraq (then under a secular dictatorship), Saudi Arabia (plutocracy, source of the 9/11 terrorists), and Afghanistan (then harbor for the religious fanatics who inspired them). In any case, he’s all passion, no insight. The host was courteous to thank Miller and end the interview rather than explain to him like to an idiot that no, the U.S.’s invasion was NOT a response to a declaration of war and an attack on the U.S. by Iraq. To bad the host had to repeatedly credit Miller with writing Batman, making the comics industry look like a bunch of intellectual midgets.