200809051331We are so link starved today that we are linking to this story about Seth MacFarlane’s deal with Google for new webtoons:

In the Google series, “Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy,” fans of his TV shows will see some familiar themes, including celebrity takedowns and surreal scenarios. In one “Cavalcade” sketch the actor Matthew McConaughey (voiced by another actor, Seth Green) is adrift in a life raft, nattering on about his easy success and “metal-like abdominal muscles” as a fellow castaway devours him limb by limb.

Fifty “Cavalcade” clips will run, a new one each week, on such sites as Sethcomedy.com and YouTube. In addition, using data submitted by the sites in its pervasive advertising network, Google will deliver “Cavalcade” clips to pages visited primarily by 18- to 34-year-old men. In a new twist in the way entertainment is distributed, visitors to sites including Fandango.com and men’s magazine Maxim.com might see a “Cavalcade” cartoon play in a slot where a banner ad or video promo would normally appear.

The long article includes much else on the MacFarlane empire:

During a recent group reading of a new script in his L.A. office, he sat at the head of a long table, sporting stubble on his cheeks and mussed short black hair. He wore reading glasses and sipped from a tall cup of Throat Coat tea to soothe his vocal chords as he traded lines with actors around the table. Often Mr. MacFarlane exchanged rapid dialogue with himself, thrusting out his chin to do Stewie or squeezing Peter’s New England brogue out of the side of his mouth.

In the episode, Brian’s novel, “Faster Than the Speed of Love,” has been embraced by a society of mentally disabled book lovers. Peter, who turns out to be a member, is shocked to discover his own dog is the star author. “You’re THE Brian Griffin!” Mr. MacFarlane squawked as Peter. In reply, he stammered in Brian’s back-of-the-throat baritone, which resembles Mr. MacFarlane’s real-life speaking voice.