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May day! May day!


Can it be that 2009 is already 1/3rd finished? HOW? HOW? HOW? We have barely finished musing over our end of year “Best of” list. And here is the year, hurtling towards Midsummer’s Day already. It was only yesterday that we were toasting the New Year and making plans….and here we are, making the same plans and it’s already MAY.

ON a semi-related note, every year for our May Day post we look for artwork on these here Internets depicting the battle between Gywnn ap Nudd and Gwythr ap Greidawl that was held every May Day for the hand of Creiddylad. And every year we come up empty. Come on, people! Haven’t you read Culhwch and Olwen? There’s enough visual ideas for a whole calendar in there! But, you know, I shall not deserve much from those with long shields. They know not what day, who the causer, what hour in the serene day Cwy was born. Who caused him not to go to the dales of Devwy. They know not the brindled ox, thick his headband.

Oh well, here’s a picture of Bran’s Head by Alan Lee.

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