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Matthew Vaughn confirmed for X-Men: "Second Class"


A sequel to the well-received X-MEN: FIRST CLASS has been greenlit with Matthew Vaughn once again to direct, Deadline reports. Simon Kinberg has written a script and Bryan Singer will produce. Everyone expects Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy to reprise their roles as Magneto and Professor X, but no one has officially been signed yet. And given Fassbender’s recent roles, maybe we’ll get to see little Magneto, too.

Still, Vaughn’s coming on board is good news. Although flawed—it was more a collection of character story arcs than an overall driving narrative—and anachronistic—the miniskirt wasn’t invented until 1964, no matter how cute Jennifer Lawrence looked in one—X-MEN FIRST CLASS was easily the brainiest superhero movie of recent vintage, and Vaughn has generally elicited some of the best acting from his young talented casts in both XMFC and KICK-ASS. So more Matthew Vaughn—yay!

  1. No matter how cute? NO MATTER HOW CUTE? Every red blooded man was damn glad she was in a mini-skirt! If that’s the price of being slightly incorrect, I for one am happy to pay the price!

  2. I’m pretty sure the entire cast had to commit to at least one sequel when they initially signed on. Isn’t that pretty standard procedure for these franchise films?

    Regardless, this is great news. Looking forward to a sequel.

  3. “Although flawed—it was more a colelction of character story arcs that an overall driving narrative—and anachronistic—the mini skirt wasn’t invented until 1964 no matter how cute Jennifer Lawrence looked in one”

    To echo Kurt Busiek here… I’m totally fine with the above. It’s not hard to accept that the mini-skirt appeared earlier in the universe where the X-Men movies take place than in our own. After all, we wouldn’t criticize the movie for being wrong about why the Cuban Missile Crisis happened or how it was resolved. It’s the same principle.

  4. For a second I thought it read:

    “Everyone EXCEPT Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy to reprise their roles as Magnetp and Professor X”

    I nearly started screaming! haha…

    Your complaining over a mini skirt? really? Seems like a rather petty complaint about an overall amazing movie. If fact, for me, it wasn’t a complaint.

  5. “X-MEN FIRST CLASS was easily the brainiest superhero movie of recent vintage.”

    I don’t get how anyone could qualify this statement. The only “brainy” character was Professor X, just because he was delivering exposition the whole time and telling all the other one-dimensional characters what to do.

    Oh, and constantly yelling, “No, Erik, don’t kill that guy. No, Erik. Erik, stop. Killing is bad. What did I tell you? No killing, Erik. No. Don’t do it. No.”

  6. They might’ve not signed the cast to a sequel considering they weren’t certain when the next movie might be set — if they jumped ahead ten years or more, it might make sense to have different actors portray the characters.

    Good news, though, I liked First Class a lot — especially the way it provokes diehard mouthbreathers into fits about continuity issues. It’s faithful to the spirit of the characters and fun to watch, and that’s all that counts.

  7. I enjoyed Captain America and Thor, but First Class was better than both. Glad to hear there is going to be a sequel.

  8. I had zero anticipation before X-Men First Class came out. But the more clips I viewed the more excited I got. Needless to say, for my money, hands down the BEST Superhero movie of last summer. Continuity be damned, I can’t wait for the next chapter!

  9. I don’t know whether I’m in the minority but I am not looking forward to this much. First Class was a total let down for me as it is nothing like the X-Men origins in the comics. The writer should have been shot. The original X-Men were Cyclops, Marvel Girl (later known as Jean Grey), Angel, Beast and Iceman. It really annoys me when people virtually re-write something and spoil it. Let’s hope they go more towards the comics origins and no more guest appears or any appearance of Wolverine please even if it was one of the funniest scenes in First Class.

  10. The only thing that I’m dissapointed about is that someone said that in the movies Scott and Alex aren’t related. That’s bull. They’re related in the comic so they should be in the movies too. Other than that, I’m really excited.

  11. Despite the creative liberties that were taken that Phil R pointed out ( I’m in somewhat of agreement) I thought this movie was the BEST X-Men movie to date with X2 being a close second. Whether the next one is called “Second Class” or not, it’s a far better direction to take this property that that God awful “Origins” theme….. *wretch*

    Speaking of second class, let’s hope that any future characters of color don’t meet their demise so abruptly or so soon as Darwin did. Thunderbird, my fingers are crossed for ‘ya!

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